Jean d'arc is wearing black knee high socks, and a black laced bra, with no bottoms. Saber is wearing the same but in white. Their breasts are popping out of their bras. Both are laying down seductively. The view is from the top looking down on them on the bed. Something like this angle: Image
Added: 2017-07-11 19:22:29
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Arturia x Mordred

Added: 2017-07-05 01:27:27
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rider (fate /stay night) and saber (fate/stay night) have their clothes and armor broken and torn. Their breast(s) and pussies exposed. and are in a sexy pose. Pose up to artist.
Added: 2017-08-17 21:15:59
Saber in this position Image with these clothes External and getting fucked. Cum is filled in her pussy. She is blushing and looking back with one eye closed. She is wearing black shoes with withe thigh highs and they should be in the picture. Also her hands and finger should be visible like this for example External
Added: 2019-05-12 16:27:05
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Arturia x Mordred

Added: 2017-07-05 01:26:21
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Title: Artoria & Mordred’s Lustful Beach Trip Location: Beach Artoria’s appearance: External Mordred’s Appearance: External Artoria and Mordred are being fucked by two anonymous faceless men. Mordred is riding her guy cowgirl-style. Artoria is on her knees, being fucked from behind by her guy, while he is groping her breasts through her swimsuit. Mordred and Artoria are sporting flushed lust/pleasure-filled expressions, while they are moaning and panting in ecstasy.
Added: 2017-10-08 19:05:50
Title: Making Mordred A Futanari Artoria Pendragon (No Balls) is fucking Guinevere in the missionary position, with Guinevere having her legs wrapped around Artoria’s waist. Guinevere and Artoria are both sporting an ahegao face due to them being completely consumed by their lust & pleasure. Artoria’s dick giving Guinevere’s sopping wet pussy a creampie, while her (Artoria’s) own sopping wet pussy is squirting. (Note: The rea why Artoria has a dick in the first place is due to a potion that Merlin gave her) Location: Artoria and Guinevere’s Bedroom: Image Guinevere’s Appearance: Image
Added: 2017-07-29 23:49:40
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Saber x irisvel. 3 panels comic/manga like. Your call can be futa/strapon/dildo or lesbian.
Added: 2019-07-08 21:32:07
Title : Some much needed discipline - Theme : OTK spanking - Anime: fate stay night series - Characters: Rin Tohsaka and Saber - Clothing: Rin (Archer outfit as in reference pic), Saber (black suit as in reference pic) - position : as in reference pic , Saber sitting on bed spanking Rin with her hand, Rin lying across her lap with her panties down to her knee and a red butt( her red cape should be to the side not blocking the view) - expression : Saber (serious / anger) Rin (embarrassed, crying a little bit ) - background : sitting on the bed in Rin bedroom as in reference pic - Thank you [img id="b21effb94a9bcfecfac446665b45562f"] [img id="41c4a15434bf7d54aa6e2ad6c8743068"] [img id="5c041422377c126d5f82d23f8b7247ab"] [img id="5e1e78966582f33be42e8a53fbbc1d50"] [img id="fe8054fd12ea32c7c71c51b8cce12074"] [img id="f191648b04acef441db604412f6d7236"]
Added: 2018-09-26 13:23:55
Artoria in bikini riding Natu’s big cock [img id="b0b70ea165ceceb5ecabc3b3368f1e9e"] [img id="8d02336d434074c9d11aa7c1b3c19bab"] [img id="0c2f14598ed88284ba5c9ca496347fc9"] [img id="62154ac8afc4406546bbe8041eda1dba"]
Added: 2019-07-24 03:31:14
Cana x Yoruichi x Saber. All Characters can be Lesbian or Futa (or ttf/tff), which every has to be for all 4 panels. 3 panels each character has to be fucked by the other 2. First panel is an introduction panel like pic 1, if there is a futa make it the centre character. Last panel has to be cumming and yoruichi must be last character to get fucked. Please make a bit hardcore. All pose and reaction for panels is your call. [img id="019e725bf7c7298f7dbb3414ee19d1b9"]
Added: 2019-06-17 21:56:42
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