Rin (Fate UBW) and Saber (fate/stay night UBW) are in work out clothes such as these (Image ) sabers can be in a different color scheme. They have no tops on. They are on their knees with a cock hanging over them (its long). cum is on their breasts
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gudako (fate) and female astolfo (fate) are in this position. (Image ) They both have striped panties that are pulled to the side and their breast are completely exposed.
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Commission for SenyorPretty Nero Bloomer buttjob - like we discussed.
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Hikage from Senran Kagura cosplaying as Gorgon from F/GO giving a boobjob. Cum can be on her boobs but its up to you. Inspired by "Yuno The Ripper" References: Hikage: External Gorgon: External Dont mind the scales xD
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My Fate Grand Order Ladies in naked cuddles times : Female Ritsuka (C-Cup), Mash( C-Cup) Hassan of Serenity ( B-Cup), Medusa(D-Cup), Mata Hari ( E-Cup), Miyamoto Musahi (C-Cup), Francis Drake ( G-Cup) and Rakiou (G-Cup) . Actions happening in the pic Ritsuka holding Mash and Serenity close with a smile on face, Mash and Serenity show affection by kisskng Ritsuka's cheeks, Medusa and Mata Hari enjoying pressing their bodies close to each other, , Miyamoto enjoying the bounty of flesh that is Drake's and Rakiou's boobs by rubbing her face in them and drooling while Railou pats her on the head and Drake downs some rum.
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