Whentai Picks: Fairy Tail Finale! Will send details once artist has been chosen. It will be a public gangbang of 7 girls from Fairy Tail wearing sexy lingerie!
Added: 2017-09-01 04:04:25
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Whentai Picks Fairy Tail Xmas as discussed
Added: 2018-01-03 18:07:50
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Panel 1: zoomed out panel of erza having Natsu dick in her hand and licking his shaft. She has panties on and her knee high socks. (Maybe the tip of his cock is in her mouth) Panel 2: erza getting fucked by Natsu . Up to artist , just a lot of boob. And preferably more frontal. No panties only down to her knee high socks . Panel 3. Erzas face and boobs are covered in cum.
Added: 2017-08-06 22:03:45
Added: 2017-08-02 18:39:27
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Ok 5 panels. Astolfo's lucky day (he's a guy) also this is Fate/Stay Night Fate/GO etc etc stuff All characters mentioned are from it Panel 1 Tamamo giving Astolfo, paizuri sensually while smiling seductively Panel 2 Jeanne d'arc gets vaginal from Astolfo while having her butt and boobs groped, with her being shy Panel 3 Medusa riding Astolfo aggressively moaning as her breasts bounce Panel 4 Nero (yes thats a girl) getting fucked by Astolfo like this Image Panel 5 all 5 resting against each other cuddling, the 3 girls who got pounded will have cum dripping out of their pussies and Tamamo will have a bit of her tits (which are pressed up against Jeanne
Added: 2017-07-06 11:58:27
The Final Fantasy, generic brown haired guy gets lucky with 4 final fantasy babes in 5 panels Rydia and Tifa doing paizuri on the guy with their breasts pushed against each other rydia and faris sucking on their balls, while his dick hits them gently in the face Aerith getting pounded doggystyle as she sucks on Tifa's tits Faris laying on her back getting fucked hard as Rydia teases her by rubbing her breasts All 5 cuddling together ing
Added: 2017-08-06 16:52:10
After the battle in Dressrosa, Viola wants to thank Nico Robin from saving the country and protecting her niece. « A Princess Gratitude » Panel 1 - Nico Robin is in a room in Dressrosa getting ready to go to bed. She is standing next to her bed, getting off this dress : Image She has already pulled it down enough so her butt is just popping out, and she still has her thong and she is barefeet. She is looking at the door, where she just notices Viola in black and red lingerie (this style : Image ) and high heels. Voila is blushing and has a seductive face like this : Image Panel 2 - Robin is kneeling on the bed and Viola is pulling her thong aside and munching her ass exactly like this : Image (Robin barefeet, Viola still with heels) Panel 3 - They are both naked in bed. Robin grew a cock with her powers and she is fucking Viola doggystyle. Both are into it and Robin uses her powers to fondle Viola big tits with 2 hands coming from under her. If you want to get creative with her powers, be my guest
Added: 2017-07-20 04:30:46
Panel 1: Megumin from konosuba has her clothes torn , exposing her breasts and pussy. She is giving Kazuma a blowjob. Panel 2: she is down to her knee high socks and fucking Kazuma. Position is up to artist.
Added: 2017-08-09 21:27:04
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aqua konosuba is fucking kazumas monster dick (at least 10" and thick) cowgirl style, her pussy is spread open wide, and his cock is visibly wet from her pussy dripping. Clothing wise she is down to her knee high socks. small side panel: of his cock over her and her face and breasts are covered with cum. Maybe her hands are on his shaft and she is also licking it.
Added: 2017-08-25 02:18:25
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Regular Upload:

Cana lingerie

Added: 2017-09-01 04:07:25
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Panel 1: jibril no game no life is down to her knee high socks and fucking (vaginal) Sora. Position up to artist, just lots of boob please Side panel to p1: x ray panel to the sex Panel 2: this is looking at least the top half of her body while she has the cock in her hand or mouth or both. And she is drenched in cum all over her face and boobs and chest
Added: 2017-08-11 15:00:05
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Juvia lingerie

Added: 2017-09-01 04:05:49
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(Friends commission and she wanted EdJim to do it in particular) Fate/GO 4 Panels 1. Tamamo deepthroating someone, while Medea sucks on the balls, Tamamo looking happy. 2. Both giving paizuri together, Tamamo looking smug and sexy while Medea is looking shy. 3. Tamamo lying on her back getting penetrated hard and climaxed into, breasts getting groped. Medea looking embarrassed and Tamamo in extreme pleasure. 4. Medea getting penetrated hard and climaxed, looking shy while Tamamo gropes her breast looking smug.
Added: 2017-08-15 23:00:38
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hatsune miku flash game intro or panel 1: Hatsune miku is taking off her shirt , her breasts pop out and they jiggle next panel: Titjob or blowjob or mix , up to artist (POV) next panel: sex scene, pose up to artist, just lots of boob also add cum options for both panels.
Added: 2017-10-11 18:51:56
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Panel 1. Yuno gasai is in sexy lingerie. Her breasts are popping out of her bra and her panties are slid to the side so you can see her pussy. She has the dick in her hand and is sucking on it. (POV) Panel 2. Yuno is has her bra off but her panties are pulled to the side while she rides the cock cowgirl but is facing the pic. (POV) X ray side panel for the sex Panel 3. She is looking up at the picture, with cum running down her face onto her boobs and nipple.
Added: 2017-08-28 04:44:46
Tsubasa Hanekawa (short hair) from the Monogatari Series wearing External getting pounded from behind by a anon. She is also giving a blowjob to another. Have the image be focused more on her ass.
Added: 2017-07-19 15:03:13
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Sekirei: "Seo and the Lightning Twin makes Love." Characters: Seo Kaoru, Hikari, and Hibiki Location: Seo's Apartment (Seo's bedroom inside of his apartment External ) Plot: Seo Kaoru having sex with the lightning twins such as Sekirei no.11 Hikari, and Sekirei no. 12 Hibiki within the threesome way in his apartment. The sex position that Seo and the twins will be doing is up to the artist. But to be sure that Seo's sexing (fucking) one of them. Everyone must be completely naked, including Seo. This action takes place between after the Final Sekirei Battle and the final chapter.
Added: 2017-07-11 16:09:29
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Lucy lingerie

Added: 2017-09-01 04:06:08
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Commission for SenyorPretty: Fate series Futa Medusa x Nero Claudius (Caster Swimsuit) External Medusa is Nero to deepthroat her cock by using her twintails to her down. Nero is playing with herself (left up to Artist.) Background and Expressions also left up to artist.
Added: 2017-09-08 03:06:46
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