"Armors : Finals" First panel --> Leina from QB is licking Erza's asshole like this : Image . Erza is wearing her Armor of Seduction but like on the pic her right leg is bare and her left hose is ripped to see her toes. She must wear the headband but rest of the armor is your choice. Reina is wearing her standard armor damaged as you like ;-) Second panel --> Leina is strapon fucking Erza in the ass like this : Image but Leina has her left arm around Erza's body and she's grabing her left boob, and Erza is holding Leina behind the head with her right hand and by the throat with her left hand. Erza is kissing Leina like this : Image . Background is the colloseum arena
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"Armors..." Reina from Queen's Blade x Rebecca from OP like this (Image ) and Saber (F/S) x Erza (armor of seduction) from FT like this (Image ) in the Dressrosa Colloseum Arena. Artist to decide which ones are strapped..
Added: 2016-06-01 23:11:39
Queen's Blade : "First the training, and then the payment..." -- Panel 1-- Leina and Echidna like this : Image same outfit similar background -> they are kissing and tribbing -- Panel 2 -- Leina and Elina are like this : Image again same outfit same bg -> Echidna is naked and fucking Leina on the bed any way you want but Leina is liking it and must be also active somehow. Elina is in nightgown kneeling besides the bed, hands tied in the back by Echidna snake and making a angry but blushing face
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Cattelya from Queens Blade has just had a massive bukkake all over her chest and face and is surrounded by guys as she holds her tits, she has cum in her mouth too, showing off the amount.
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