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POV Blowjob featuring Saber (Fate/Stay night)

Pedroillusions created this artwork
ItsYamakaze suggested the idea
POV Blowjob featuring Saber (Fate/Stay night)
Uploaded: 2015-11-06 06:57:57
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Rin (Fate UBW) and Saber (fate/stay night UBW) are in work out clothes such as these (Image ) sabers can be in a different color scheme. They have no tops on. They are on their knees with a cock hanging over them (its long). cum is on their breasts
rider (fate /stay night) and saber (fate/stay night) have their clothes and armor broken and torn. Their breast(s) and pussies exposed. and are in a sexy pose. Pose up to artist.
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