A sexy Bunny
2016-01-09 12:19:06
Teen bulma (bunny suit version) riding on top of random guy in reverse cowgirl position. Straight on shot of bulma so guy isn't really that visible, but guy has his hands on her waist similar to this image (plz reference the general pose/expression, not art style: (External ). Second panel Bulma is getting doggy style with a POV view like: (External ). Please draw her figure on the skinnier side like in the anime/manga (boobs can be a little larger though, but with normal nipples. References on hair/costume for bunny suit version: (External ). Bulma should be fully nude except for neck/wrist collars.
Natsu Dragneel x Dimaria Yesta
2015-09-19 18:02:10
Natsu Dragneel x Dimaria Yesta (Image ) 3 panels, 1st: blowjob, 2nd: pov missionary and 3rd: piledriver anal creampie, dimaria squirting with ahegao expression
Lisbeth x Kirito
2015-11-02 17:03:49
Lisbeth x Kirito (On a beach in the world of SAO) 1st Pannel: Kirito getting a blowjob from Lisbeth on the beach. From this perspective (External ) but make Lisbeth with a happier expression and her ass should not be covered up with anything. 2nd Pannel: A POV Doggystyle Creampie. Kirito's dick should be pulled out half way (make his dick not massive, but big) and cum should be dripping out of her pussy. Lisbeth's facial expression should be full of pleasure.
Devil Rukia
2016-09-15 19:57:44
(Bleach) Rukia in this outfit (Image ) having pov cowgirl sex. the example pic i'd like to be used is from a paysite so i will share that with the artist that wins the bid
MILFed up
2015-08-09 13:33:07
I'd like to ask for Kazane Kagari pic kinda like 'see link below' that picture. I would call that a POV Cowgirl. Have Kazane with a smile, but not a open one. Anime is Witchcraft Works. Image External
Wendy Marvell POV
2016-01-17 22:22:08
Wendy from fairy tail in a POV missionary position wearing these stockings Image and wearing the two hair pieces and the skirt in this reference picture External but change the skirt so it's to small so you can se every think. She should be nice and wet with a very excited/horny expression. The 200 votes are for so there can be a small edit for the picture that will be drawn. A cumming inside version and one with no cum she should still be wet in both. If the artist does not want to do a edit version just message me before I choice someone I'm still not sure if I myself want a edit version.
Gate Wish Granting DemiGod
2017-07-28 18:50:20
Rory mercury is giving a blowjob like this (POV) Image Her boobs are popping out of her corset . There is also an X-ray panel of the dick in her mouth and cum inside it. The 2nd panel is Rory getting fucked from behind like this (pov) External Her skirt is flipped up , she has no panties and her boobs are popping out of her corset.