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Step-by-step guide:
First step:
  1. Artist starts* a Request of an exact sum he wants to receive for the artwork. He also sets the rules of what he will do and won't do for the price.
  2. Registered members submit their ideas. They read the rules thoroughly to understand if their Idea would fit the rules. Then add THREE TYPES of tags: at least one character + at least one category (anime/manga/cartoon/game title) + any "common" tag (like sex position or fetish) to describe the Idea. FOR EXAMPLE: "Naruto" + "Tsunade (Naruto)" + "blowjob"
  3. Artist gets informed of the Idea, checks if it suits his rules and either accepts or rejects the Idea.
Second step:
  1. In order to be created, the Idea should gain the minimum sum requested by the Artist. The Idea might even exceed the required sum.
  2. Registered members can vote for any Idea in the list using EVs. Once the Idea reach requested sum the Artist receives a notification.
  3. A few Ideas might reach the requested sum simultaneously, the one collected higher sum will be processed first by the Artist.
  4. If several members vote simultaneous, the list will update automatically to display "live" positions. To check if the positions have changed use the "Refresh" link under each Request.
Third step:
  1. Artist checks the first Idea from the list (the one reached required price) and should tell of how long it will take for the Idea to be created. He will be given 72 hours to set the time for creation (possible options are: 3, 5, 7, 15 or 30 Days for the Idea to be created).
  2. If the Artist fails to set the price during the 72 hours, the Request gets closed and all collected sums from all Ideas will return back to members. Artist would have to open a new Request in order to use the Requests section of Website.
  3. Once the result of the Winning Idea is created and uploaded, its Idea will disappear from the list.
  4. If another Idea already reached the requested sum, it would be taken into action (as in the third step).
* Artist might close the reqest at any moment, the collected sums will be returned back to user accounts in that case.

Rumania's Request
Requested: 50 / Collected: 0
Refresh Ideas 5
Shinji Ikari fuck ass Ritsuko Akagi this Image and Misato Katsuragi sex scissoring she is doing it with Rei Ayanami this pose Image and looks at bored Ritsuko Akagi, and says: Shinji you must accelerate strongly!
Makoto Niijima (Persona 5) wearing her P4D DLC outfit flashing her breasts

pose here -->Image
Camie Image with seductive eyes is covered in cum and kissing Shouto's External big dick with her luscious lips

Clothing is up to artist but Camie keeps her hat on
Rules for this Request:

shinji does anal to misato in his house, misato is wearing his home clothes
Discussion: (11 comments)
    Pedroillusions's Request
    Requested: 50 / Collected: 0
    Refresh Ideas 3
    Sarada spread eagle groping her breasts as she looks at the camera
    Sarada is naked
    She is smirking
    Makoto Niijima (Persona 5) wearing her P4D DLC outfit flashing her breasts

    pose here --> Image
    Camilla from Fire Emblem fates wearing a Make America Great Again hat, sitting with her hands behind her head and her legs spread apart.
    Rules for this Request:
    1 Character 1 Position
    Discussion: (0 comments)
      Kojack's Request
      Requested: 50 / Collected: 50
      Refresh Ideas 13
      will be ready
      Dragon cry bunny Erza in a messy bukkake nice and messy
      Eleanor Hume showing off her ass to the others. She is facing away from the viewer and lifting up her skirt showing her ass and panties.
      She is wearing (External ) and this (External ).
      Shizuku External After double penetration bukake.

      Shizuku in this position Image with nothing but her sweater and glasses (sweater pulled up, with one boob out) Anal gaped with cum coming out of her anus and vagina. Multiple penis's cumming on her.
      Yang Xiao Long fully clothed with her big breasts exposed, kneeling with legs spread as she lifts her skirt up with two fingers only to reveal her naked pussy. Seductively playing with her breasts with her other hand, she has a feisty, playful expression, smacking her lips as cocks around are cumming stringy loads all over her face, breasts, pussy and clothes.
      Hinata(from boruto)is fucking Sakura(from boruto)doggy style with a strap on infront of a computer with a webcam
      Both girls are naked
      Hinata is smiling to the camera
      Sakura is blushing while moaning
      My mom fucks my best friend: Kushina gets fucked by Sasuke on a couch in the Uchiha's house. Sasuke is sitting down on the couch and fucks her pussy while spreads her ass cheeks. She's riding him cowgirl position. We can see red slap marks on her big butt. Nice view of Kushina's asshole. She's wearing her housewife costume, but it's torn/ripped up around her butt, breasts etc. She looks embarrassed and sexy.
      [Anime crossover Suggestion]

      Title“Stella x Kirito"

      Stella is fully nude and is fucking a Kirito like this-(Image ) while Cumming inside of Stella and she has a ahegao face with her tongue out.
      Milla Maxwell from Tales of Xillia doing a footjob like this: External

      Milla is wearing her normal outfit with her breasts out, revealing her sexy pink nipples while gloating with a lewd expression on her face and licking her right nipple, both her finger nails and her toenails are polished in pink color!
      Ino (Shippuuden) pushing Sakura (shippuuden) in their trademark clothesagainst a tree, giving er a sloppy deeps kiss (mouths forcefully pushed together) while grabbing her ass and boob.
      Sakura is shocked, blushing, and her hands are in the air (because surprised :P)
      Kazehana masturbating with a sake bottle as she thinks of minato. Her tits are out and she has a drunk look.
      Kali Belladonna is giving Sun a blowjob, and at the same time. Sun's tail is in her pussy. Cum is also pouring out of Kali's mouth
      Rules for this Request:
      A single female character: posing naked, masturbating, playing with toys; having a sexual intercourse with a single male/female without showing partner's figure and face (blowjob, vaginal, anal, "flying" penis)
      A couple having sex (male-female, female-female).
      Discussion: (2 comments)
        Akimyich's Request
        Requested: 50 / Collected: 20
        Refresh Ideas 12
        Yuri from DDLC full naked, making a footjob.
        More details
        Nails: light blue
        If you want to make her holding a knife (your choice)
        fubuki of one punch man with the t-shirt and the torn pantyhose that controls the thought of a guy who sodomizes it during which puts a dildo in her vagina
        In this position Image
        Erza with a ponytail making a footjob with a naughty expression in her face while gloating, her toenails are polished with her hair color!
        Morrigan Aensland (Darkstalkers) in her UMVC3 DLC costume with her white shirt opened showing her breasts.
        Sakura Haruno cheating on Sasuke with a random guy.Artist is free to choose pose.(POV, ahegao)
        Rules for this Request:
        Single female character.
        Discussion: (0 comments)
          inkystickymcgee's Request
          Requested: 50 / Collected: 0
          Refresh Ideas 5
          My Hero Academia

          Izuku Midoriya is fucking Momo Yaoyorozu with his big dick in the missionary position with her legs wrapped around him, causing ahargo expression on Momo.

          Both are naked with their clothes around the room (A black dress for Momo and for Izuku a pair of suit pants and a white shirt).

          There's an X-ray of the sperm penetrating the egg.

          Setting and additional features like heart-shaped pupils or hearts around them are up you.
          This version of Gwen Tennyson from Ben 10 (Image ) but she has a bigger butt, wider hips, and her tits are a little bit bigger.
          She is getting her pussy fucked by fourarms like this (External ) but the view is from the front looking straight at them. Fourarms is fucking her very hard and Gwen is loving it. Gwen has cum dripping from her pussy from all the creampies she has received already. She has ahegao face, tongue out, and eyes crossed as fourarms gives her the final creampie. X-ray of her pussy and womb full of cum.
          Akame Ga Kill

          Akame is riding Lubbock in a cowgirl sex position while French kissing each while Lubbock is groping both of her big boobs and is showing a xray of Lubbock's sperm penetrating Akame's womb also both of them are having sex at the hot spring in the warm water also Akame and Lubbock are scattered on ground near the hot spring.
          Miss Killer is getting fucked by Black Shadow. He is fucking her pussy as he gives her a creampie as it drips and an x-ray shows her pussy and womb full of cum. She is fully naked. A picture of her is below.
          Discussion: (0 comments)
            Eronautics's Request
            Requested: 50 / Collected: 50
            Refresh Ideas 8 in Review 1
            Momo Yaoyorozu wearing this (Image ) masturbating to a selfie of one of her classmates. Her tits are out and her panties are around her calves. She is squirting and making an ahegao face.
            Kuroka, form high school DxD, is anal fucked in full nelson and make an ahegao face, his tail avoid the dick.
            Gray Fullbuster masturbating.
            Please make sure we see his delicious pecs and abs please
            Charlotte from Fire Emblem Fates locked in a pillory - bent over style. It is the "after" scene like she had been done in by a bunch of angry Hoshidans (the opposing faction). There could also be some body writing on her thigh like the amount of creampies she had taken.
            Her face can be a mix of anger and defeat. The messier, the better.
            Kyoko Sasagawa from Hitman Reborn-(Image ) is wearing a swimsuit like this -(Image ) and masturbating her pussy while making a ahegao expression on her face with saliva leaking from her mouth and showing her barefeet and her boobs are visible and the sex position is up to the artist location the beach.
            Raven from Teen Titans is a slut having her picture taken wearing this (External ) but remove hood, cape, and belt and add nipple rings and high heel leather boots that match her gloves. She is posing like this (External ) but is doing a v-sign with one hand while she spreads her pussy with the other hand to let cum drip from her pussy. She has some cum on her tits, hands, thighs, face, and has her tongue out with some cum on it. She also has a lot of cum dripping out of her pussy. The attached references below are in order of references above.
            Rules for this Request:
            A SINGLE character only, you guys. Ideas involving more than one will be auto-rejected. Thanks!
            Discussion: (0 comments)
              HinataHime's Request
              Requested: 50 / Collected: 20
              Refresh Ideas 6
              Aqua from kingdom hearts getting fucked by a heartless cock. Tits out, her hair should start changing from blue to silver.
              Ochaco Uraraka is getting pounded by Izuku Midoriya in a doggystyle sex position on the bed in a hotel room and cum is drip from Uraraka's wet pussy.
              Do Kate Alen from F-Zero. She is wearing the dress she'd wore on the F-Zero: GP Legend anime.
              Rules for this Request:
              One character + faceless man
              Discussion: (2 comments)
                Artemisumi's Request
                Requested: 50 / Collected: 0
                Refresh Ideas 4
                Rules for this Request:
                A single female character only.
                Discussion: (0 comments)
                  S3Studios's Request
                  Requested: 50 / Collected: 0
                  Refresh Ideas 1
                  Rules for this Request:
                  Single character or character + anon(s) only
                  Discussion: (0 comments)
                    ahegaoblin's Request
                    Requested: 50 / Collected: 0
                    Refresh Ideas 3
                    Willow from Buffy the vampire slayer. She's a witch, so something looking like she's doing magic and makes her clothes rip everywhere while she has a cute surprise expression, and maybe some panties flying around.
                    Rules for this Request:
                    Basic site rules apply, anything outside of that should be discussed privately.
                    Discussion: (1 comments)
                      blinx1287's Request
                      Requested: 50 / Collected: 0
                      Refresh Ideas 3 in Review 1