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First step:
  1. Artist opens* a Request List of an exact sum he wants to receive for the artwork. He also sets the rules of what he will do and won't do for the price.
  2. Registered members submit their ideas. They read the rules thoroughly to understand if their Idea would fit the rules. Then add THREE TYPES of tags: "characters", "category", "other".
    FOR EXAMPLE: "Naruto" + "Tsunade (Naruto)" + "blowjob"
  3. Artist gets informed of the Idea, checks if it suits his rules and either accepts or rejects the Idea.
Second step:
  1. In order to be created, the Idea should gain the minimum sum requested by the Artist. The Idea might even get over the required sum.
  2. Registered members can vote for any Idea in the list using EVs. Once the Idea reach requested sum the Artist receives a notification.
  3. A few Ideas might reach the requested sum simultaneously, the one with a higher sum will get prioritized by the Artist.
  4. If several members vote simultaneously, the list will update automatically to display "live" positions. To check if the positions have changed use the "Refresh" link under each Request.
Third step:
  1. Artist checks the "winning" Idea and states of how long it will take for the Idea to be created. He will be given 72 hours to indicate the required time for creation.
  2. If the Artist fails to set the price within the 72 hours, the Request List gets closed and all collected EVs return back to members.
  3. Once the result of the Winning Idea is created and uploaded, its Idea will disappear from the list.
  4. If another Idea already reached the requested sum, it would be taken into action (see the third step).
* Artist might close the Request List at any moment, the collected EVs will return back to user accounts in that case.

Xvzzz's Requests List for 100 EVs:
Ideas should collect 100 EVs in order to get created.
#1 idea collected 0 EVs already.
Refresh Ideas 3 in Review 1
Millium Orion giving random guy a footjob from his Pov,Millium is fully naked(without her hat)Millium has a horny smile expression while she's enjoying his big cock,background can be just a bed room
Nikaido from "Dorohedoro" kissing Clara from "Iruma-kun" in shower. Both of them with closed eyes, Nikaido stroking Clara's head and Clara's grabbing Nikaido's ass
Rules for this Request:
A single female character: posing naked, masturbating, playing with toys; having sexual intercourse with a single male/female without showing partner's figure and face (blowjob, vaginal, anal, "flying" penis)
A couple having sex (male-female, female-female).
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  • 2024-04-22 20:26:26

    I'm trying something new.

Xvzzz's Requests List for 200 EVs:
Ideas should collect 200 EVs in order to get created.
#1 idea collected 200 EVs already.
Refresh Ideas 14
will be ready
Rena and Kaede from magia record.

1st panel: rena fingering herself and some of his accesories left, showing a boob and his pussy, in the beach both images.

2nd panel: kaede and rena with a double dildo enjoying herself with less clothes, kaede with a smug sexy face and rena with ahegao face, both girls squirting.
Two Panels
Juvia sucking a cock through a gloryhole, hearts in her eyes. In the other stall of it is Natsu. He’s naked, her tits are out.
Natsu fucking Juvia through the glory hole. Juvia is naked and her tongue is out. She has an ahegao look.
Title: Night of Love of Heroes.
Shiki Granbell x Homura Kougetsu.
You could make an art of 2 panels of Shiki and Homura.
In the First Homura is About Shiki, both in a 69, Homura can use her Breasts to Stimulate Shiki, or Touch His Scrotum, Shiki can grab Homura's Hips in what gives Pleasure from Her Side to Her (Cunnilingus); At the Artist's Criteria.
In the Second Shiki and Homura, They doing a Missionary, Shiki and Homura Can Kissing (French kiss), or shiki Can Touch or Suck Homura's Breasts, or Touch Her Hips and Butt; It can also lift one of the legs of Homura or Amabas, It could also be that Homura embraces him by closing his legs; At the Artist's Criteria.
Both Completely Naked.
In a big bed.
***** cus and margarita are in a circle licking each other's pussies
All girls are naked
They are smiling as they do it
[Hitman Reborn suggestion]

Nana Sawada x Tsunayoshi Sawada fully naked reverse cowgirl position while Tsuna is groping his ******'s boobs and Cummings inside of her.

Location: Tsuna's bedroom
Title: NaLu Fun Time. Natsu is making out with Lucy (facial expression like in first pic/ panel 1) in bed. Her sex position with Natsu (shown in 2nd pic. This will be the 2nd panel). As they have sex Lucy has an ahegao face and turn towards him so they can make out as he cream pies her vagina with his big cock (Separate panel). Last panel is Lucy having intense squirting orgasms with cum dripping out as Natsu lies by in bed. She has arched back, arched head, and eyes rolled back (last 2 pics reference). Also can u upload it on the internet or lmk know so i can do it Bc I don’t want to so get copyrighted. Just want everyone to enjoy ur work.
First pannel:
kuroka, from high school dxd, is anal fucked in a full nel*** with an ahegao face while koneko is licking her pussy, masturbing herself.
Second pannel:
koneko is fucked when is half transformed and the guy pull her tail.

koneko is dressed like this
The names of the title "Devils May have Hearts" Vergil x Aqua are both partially clothed Vergil is wearing his blue coat, black shirt and his gloves, pants are down and Aqua has her shirt is untied, wearing her *****s and her gloves and she is bottomless with two scenes the first one is Vergil fucking Aqua standing up and the second is Vergil and Aqua missionary position and french kissing.
Ibuki and Guy, both from Street Fighter, take a shower together. Guy is slowly groping Ibuki's Boobs with Soap while gently having sex with her from behind. Ibuki lets out a soft moan while Guy slowly kisses her from down the neck. The shower is going off in the back ground as there bodies are getting soaked.
Mikasa giving a footjob to Levi while he erupts a huge cumshot in the air. Some of it is on mikasa's wiggling soles. BTW she's wearing her normal survey corps uniform. Just bare feet with a erotic expression on her face.
A similar footjob with Annie will be appreciated as well.
[Tales of Berseria] Velvet Crowe having sex with Eleanor Hume just like on the picture below (Velvet being the one on the left and Eleanor the one on the right)
I want them to be scissoring on a pink bed. They have their panties around their thighs (Velvet panties are red and Eleanor's panties are blue) and they have a lot of vaginal juice dripping out of their sexy pink pussies. Please keep Velvet's torn legwear on. As for their feets, Velvet toenails are polished in red colour and Eleanor's toenails are polished on blue colour. They have aroused faces and are enjoying it! (No ahegao)
Naruto x Resident Evil x Fairy Tail x Black Clover

could do a job of Naruto Uzumaki x Ada Wong x Chelia Blendy x Vanessa Enoteca

3 Panels

1-Panel : Naruto x Ada Wong : Reverse Cowgirl, big cock, full nude
2-Panel : Naruto x Chelia : Reverse Cowgirl, big cock, bib boob, full nude
3-panel : Naruto x Vanessa : Reverse Cowgirl, big cock, bib boob, full nude
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Artemisumi's Requests List for 50 EVs:
Ideas should collect 50 EVs in order to get created.
#1 idea collected 10 EVs already.
Refresh Ideas 6
Naruto fucks Grayfia Lucifuge both full naked having sex in the bed and kissing each other in this position while Naruto grab Grayfia's ass softly
Naruto can be with his headband of the hidden leaf village or without it in this pic
Title: Natsu x Seilah (FT) Fun Time.

Seilah (FT) is in this sex position with Natsu (1st pic) but facing towards the right ,and in a more up right POV. Natsu’s smiling face is clearly visible as his big cock is inside her pussy. Seilah has an arched head with her eyes rolled back and tongue out in an ahegao state (2nd pic for reference). Also saliva is connecting their mouths from a French kiss as her head is arched back (head slightly turned back towards Natsu). As they have sex, Seilah is noticeably having an intense squirting orgasms with cum dripping out of her stretched pussy.

Also can u upload it on the internet or lmk know so i can do it Bc I don’t want to so get copyrighted. Just want everyone to enjoy ur work.
Erza Scarlet x Yoruichi Shihouin - performing 69 positions

Erza will be wearing a leotard: Image

Lucy will also be wearing an skimpy blue/white leotard, getting her pussy licked by Erza, feeling pleasure
Rules for this Request:
I will accept only request from this series.
- Naruto
- Fairy Tail
- Black Clover
- Bleach
- Sword Art Online

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Artemisumi's Requests List for 100 EVs:
Ideas should collect 100 EVs in order to get created.
#1 idea collected 21 EVs already.
Refresh Ideas 19
Nami being fucked doggystyle in this outfit [video as reference] (External ) with boobs popping out of the dress. Please keep Nami (boobs size, face, clothes) closest to the original manga/anime art.
Animation or multipanel like this External 3:19 to 3:24 elsa in transparent dress and transparent high heels keep her head watch it to the front direction all time her dress start melt and she goes nude in the end!
Sarada and Sakura are French kissing while Sarada gropes sakura's breasts on a bed
Both girls are naked
Sarada is blushing while looking at Sakura
Sakura is smiling
Maki Harukawa x Kyoko Kirigiri (Danganronpa) in the bathroom shower both of them are fully naked Maki (futa) is pounded Kyoko in a doggystyle sex position while groping both her boobs while kyoko has a ahegao expression on her face with tongue hanging out.
Akame (Akame Ga ****) x Asuna (SAO)

Akame and Asuna fully naked on a red cover bed while scissoring each other pussies together while leaking pussy juice on the covers and kissing each other on the lips.

Title “The bestest crossover swordwomens having sex on the bed"
Diphallic futa Robin fucks and creampies Lucina’s pussy and ass, cum overflowing and Lucina is deflowered

No balls on Robin, Lucina is not a futa, and with their original bust sizes, this will be with two Panels:

Panel 1: Robin and Lucina are enjoying the experience

Panel 2: Robin is possessed, has a purple aura, **** face and Lucina is crying here

Image has a reference to the position, background up to artist
Panel 1: Nanaka Kotegawa (Image 1) in 69 position looked from the side (Image 2) with one of the brawny guys of the series (Image 3). Next to the body will be the Nanaka blue clothes as if he had just taken it off (Image 4) along with two sitcks of the king hame. She will sucking man's penis and his boobs will be pressed with man's body (Image 2). She will be wear his pink bra and underpants (Image 5) but as if they were almost removed so that their parts (ass and breast) are well appreciated.
Panel 2: His head rises a little and looks (smiling and blushed) towards the head of the man, his nipples are now on view. Man dialogue: "Keep sucking nanaka ❤".
Konosuba - Megumin (futa) is fucking Aqua's pussy in the doggystyle position. Megumin has a hand on Aqua's ass and is looking at her with a smirk on her face. Aqua is looking back at Megumin with a look of enjoyment on her face.
Milli Yorks (image 1) standing up and wearing a strapon with Yulang (image 2) giving a blowjow to it while she has her hands on Milli's ass and Milli is fingering Yulang's pussy.
Hinata ass fucking Himawari with a strapon on there bed while Naruto is *****ing beside them and Himawari is sucking in Hinata's breats

Himawari was a ahegao face while Hinata is smiling

Use Hinata's version of The Last and Himawari's version of boruto and add some milk spilling out of Himawari's mouth
Rules for this Request:
One or Two Characters in average details.
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