Added: 2019-02-20 20:47:00
# Link to the post in DinosKnight's Blog
Delete post 10 free ideas event progress. 10 ideas are collected ,ready 3 arts. It took some time, but be insured that all ideas will be created.
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Added: 2019-02-20 09:26:34
# Link to the post in Skadoopy's Blog
Delete post Decided to draw Rangiku Matsumoto as she won the most votes from my last poll! I hope you guys like me experimenting with ahegao on her. I thought it was fun haha.

Still got three more girls I would like to draw, all from the same show (well, a hentai) because Taimanin Asagi has some beautiful characters and I want to draw them all. So help me decide again? ;)

SIDE NOTE: If you would like me to try ahegao again too, let me know in the comments, I will see what I can do! :)

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Added: 2019-02-20 06:16:40
# Link to the post in blinx1287's Blog
Delete post Happy to be back drawing again! I took some time away because I was beginning to stop enjoying it but having some time away has gotten me back into again.

Im looking for some new and interesting ideas so any ideas you guys wanna chuck my way Id love to try some out :)
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  • 2019-02-20 06:59:25

    2b and A2 from Nier;Automata doing a 69, licking their pussies with pussy juice trails coming out of them into their tongues!

  • 2019-02-20 19:08:31

    You got it 😊

  • 2019-02-20 21:20:54

    Brianne de chateau, Sanka Ku and Su Roas Naked Image you choose a pose :}

  • 2019-02-21 04:11:19

    If you don’t mind I’d like to see some yuri sex of Akame x Najenda (Akame ga kill). They’re both pretty attractive and wish there was atleast one lewd of them together.

Added: 2019-02-18 21:52:40
# Link to the post in Skadoopy's Blog
Delete post Trying to get into drawing "ahegao" faces, as I find it interesting. Some people really find it hot, I guess to a certain degree I might too in some cases.

What are your guys's opinions on ahegao?

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  • 2019-02-19 01:49:31

    Ahegao faces 4 the win!!! This is when the girl gets to the climax, what is there not to love xD

  • 2019-02-19 02:50:02

    Exactly! I like seeing that she's having a good time too ;)

Added: 2019-02-18 17:55:45
# Link to the post in RoyHaynner's Blog
Delete post Shit hit the fan, other than not having my pc back... Today I visited doctor and my lungs aint okay, I have Pneumonia (not sure if its right translation)

And my throath is suffering from inflammation and it is on fire...
Dunno how long it will take to recover, I just wanna say I can't do much so I'm logging off till I be able to do some work again
Discussion: (8 comments)
  • 2019-02-18 18:23:33

    I wish you fast recovery

  • 2019-02-18 19:26:08

    Best of luck dude, hope you get well!

  • 2019-02-18 19:50:08

    Thanks a lot

  • 2019-02-18 21:42:43

    Oh man pneumonia is terrible! Already said this to you but I'll say it again, I hope you get feeling better soon! Ah I had mono for a month and a half throughout Christmas and it fucking sucked. Not sure how long it takes to get over pneumonia but I imagine it is not a fun process. :(

  • 2019-02-18 23:04:13

    Indeed, look after yourself foremost

  • 2019-02-19 00:00:48

    Oh dear, have to good rest Roy.

  • 2019-02-19 00:18:02

    Its pitty but my lungs aint as big issue as the neck- It hurts lke a bitch and It makes eating painful...

    Thanks to all of you guys, Im trying to rest and I hope Ill get well soon, cuz i hve lot of work to do

  • 2019-02-19 08:22:40

    Get better Roy hope to see u soon👌🙂

Added: 2019-02-16 23:11:51
# Link to the post in blinx1287's Blog
Delete post Has anyone else had any spam comments on their page from someone called MakaTakyn?

Just had a random comment from this person trying to get me to access some site I never heard of. Obvious spammer but I was wondering if anyone else has dealt with this person?
Discussion: (11 comments)
  • 2019-02-16 23:13:41

    Yes, on almost all my commission requests.

  • 2019-02-16 23:20:54

    Да, мне тоже пришел от него спам!

  • 2019-02-16 23:23:08

    same here, the admins should block this user

  • 2019-02-16 23:31:43

    No, I saw him only in the chambers, under the pictures of artists

  • 2019-02-17 00:00:28


  • 2019-02-17 00:33:48

    Thing is even if the admins do boot him or her, they'll only come back under a new name 😒

  • 2019-02-17 00:39:17

    I got spam from him with comments but when I check the comments nothings there.

  • 2019-02-17 02:58:17

    Oh, i thought i´d made a friend.

  • 2019-02-17 10:08:25

    I got this too! I had comments from them on like 9 of my drawings but all of them were removed, looks like they were banned though.

  • 2019-02-18 02:00:06

    I'm new here, and I thought it was normal to find spamers lol

  • 2019-02-18 23:06:46

    Anything out of the ordinary, hit the report button.

Added: 2019-02-16 10:14:51
# Link to the post in 178349's Blog
Delete post I think this one turned out quite good^^
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Added: 2019-02-15 11:52:46
# Link to the post in Skadoopy's Blog
Delete post Getting back into drawing again, so I thought I would share my newest upload! I wanted to draw one of the most beautiful characters in any hentai series, Hell Knight Ingrid (my personal opinion of course, I dig her tan skin and pink hair ;) ) the sexy warrior. Hopefully my drawing did her justice.

I want to have more input from you guys though. Most of the time I'm not good at deciding who I want to draw lewds of, and I need to build up my profile on here and keep improving. So I'm going to post a poll and have you guys vote for who you'd like to see me draw! Note the drawings will probably look similar to Ingrid (though different poses, being singular nude poses).

So help me decide who to draw please? :)

Discussion: (2 comments)
  • 2019-02-15 20:08:31

    please draw murasaki from the taimain series

  • 2019-02-15 23:27:55

    Ohhh yeah I almost forgot, she's really cute too!

Added: 2019-02-10 22:20:39
# Link to the post in RoyHaynner's Blog
Delete post As I said before I dont have my pc- I have Laptop till my pc returns and well, I decidet to torture myself over weekend with this piece:
Its not polished and I have no idea about color sceme cuz screen looks quite bad, also resolution of it makes me think Im blind cuz either I see nothing or just pixels... so bad lines and resolution of whole piece, bad collors and no finishing touches and effects- Probably one of my worst work in recent time... + background is just googled pentagram over some textures to hide my shame...
White line on her side is just fancy shit I used to distract anybody from lagging pressure on linework- but I kinda like it

But no joking considering what kind of crap this laptop is- its a fucking succes
This week was purguratory, you know once you cant do something- you wanna do it way more- I cant wait to get my pc back...
Discussion: (10 comments)
  • 2019-02-10 22:43:19

    It's still a good peice I would say, compare to your other paintings it good with the color. And the line art looks fine.

  • 2019-02-10 23:03:27

    Well she looks bit too red, but that can be talen as stylish touch... But shading I tried on torso and gave up on hands amd face, her hairs doesnt even have shade... Line is blending with backhround to hude the pressure issues...
    Its not as terrible as im saying, but hell I hate it just cuz all the trouble it caused to me...

    Anyway thanks

  • 2019-02-11 11:57:01

    I don't like futa

  • 2019-02-11 13:44:55

    I quite like them... Its probably my only weird fetish...
    I dont like scat, vore, ntr, bbc, cuckload.... Something about futanaris is just really hot, and hell I love Imaris desing

  • 2019-02-11 15:45:49

    Futa in real life are the guys, only Creating woman Breasts and they walk in women's clothes, I'm not gay so I do not like it

  • 2019-02-12 02:28:36

    Getting this piece done on a laptop is quite a struggle and you nailed it, good job Roy^^

  • 2019-02-14 11:47:23

    Futa is pretty hot I like seeing it really like your style roy by the way what program do u use I use medibang or x ibispaint?

  • 2019-02-14 17:07:30

    @HotVR Im way too dedicated to give up on picture I began...

    @LssJSelena, Thanks... about my program- I do have 7 of them so... Dunno I might do a bit of "How I draw " if ya interested

  • 2019-02-14 21:34:42

    Most def need some refreshers I am a bit rusty but getting back in to it u got a YT channel so I can check it out your How To Draw? Need to work a little more on the torso and legs and a little on the arms any tips on a novice try to go pro or at least try to better his art style porfolio btw could u tell me if u like my art style would appreciate it ty u.😉✌🏻😃 Any constructive critisism and advise would be a appreciated.

  • 2019-02-14 23:16:11

    My Youtube chanel aint worthy... If you wanna help- I think it shall be thought chat, as long as I hate to admit it, I would gladly help but Im quite sure I will say something inapropriate, even rude

    If you wouldnt mind it, Ill send you PM and try to help as much as I can even tho I dont have pc, so itll be just advice sadly

    Drawing tools
    Paint tool sai- my main tool, I love how smooth lines I can make there
    Medibang- Cool features, easy and fast
    Krita- Hard as fuck to understand, free software with dope effects and brushes
    Jump paint- Im using it on side working on secret project, its tool crated by shonen jump and lot of it is under fair use restriction sadly(bad replacement for clip studio)
    Fire Alpaca- I like the perspective and effects there
    Paint Storm- Really cheap tool with cool brushes and nsanely fexible user interface, cool tool with bit harder learning curve
    InkScape- Hard to understand- free vector art tool(best for cellshading)

    I would suggest Fire Alpaca(its free and easy) with Krita for doing background

Added: 2019-02-09 00:34:47
# Link to the post in HotVR's Blog
Delete post Sorry for being late on a new speedpaint video.
Here you go: External

(btw, every like and subscribe is appreciated, cheers^^)
Discussion: (4 comments)
  • 2019-02-09 01:19:22

    Great picture :D

  • 2019-02-09 03:49:59

    Really awesome! I love your style so damn much :D

  • 2019-02-10 22:17:33

    Thanks guys^^

  • 2019-02-15 14:30:29

    Amazing I especially like how you drew the boobs, yummm !

Added: 2019-02-08 20:33:07
# Link to the post in HXP's Blog
Delete post So I have some ideas for what I want to do for my next pic, but My dilemma is I don't know what characters to do. I want to do a series I haven't done a whole lot of before (MHA or FairyTail), so I would like to get some input from you all. Any ideas?

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Added: 2019-02-08 19:13:53
# Link to the post in DinosKnight's Blog
Delete post 10 free ideas event. 8 ideas are collected 2 are left. 2 are ready.
Discussion: (3 comments)
  • 2019-02-08 21:27:39

    Please draw Noelle Silva show pussy

  • 2019-02-08 23:27:31

    Violet & Clementine from The Walking Dead kissing and groping each other

  • 2019-02-09 12:43:38

    ok. now all 10 are collected

Added: 2019-02-07 09:37:30
# Link to the post in Skadoopy's Blog
Delete post Hey guys, I've been gone for a few months now but I'm back. I wanted to take the time to explain my absence. I basically lost my job and was kicked out by my parents...for a few weeks I was essentially living in secret at my boyfriend's dorm. Yeah, not a great situation. In the meantime my parents have let me come back home, even though it's still a toxic situation as it has always I've basically been working my ass off to try and save up enough to move out, as well as pay off the last of some medical bills that were making everything suck 10x more. Now I think I might actually be able to get out of my current living situation, so thus I am also returning here!

I'm sorry for disappearing for as long as I have without a word. Hopefully this explains what happened to me. Just wanted to say that I'm back, I know I have people to be working with and I hope that I can start getting back to drawing soon. Thanks for understanding and I hope you guys all have a great day. :)
Discussion: (2 comments)
  • 2019-02-07 09:57:45

    strange situation, but it could have been worse

  • 2019-02-09 11:49:02

    Agreed. I'm glad my parents came around in the end and despite everything, even if they hadn't let me come back home, I still love them. It still is just a hard situation for me though...that's just the consequence of living in a very religious household unfortunately. :/

Added: 2019-02-07 05:27:16
# Link to the post in DinosKnight's Blog
Delete post From 10 free pics event are collected 4 ideas . 1 is ready , 6 are left.
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Added: 2019-02-06 21:30:56
# Link to the post in FallenKing's Blog
Delete post Hi guys. Which version of the picture do you like more?

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Added: 2019-01-29 18:42:35
# Link to the post in DinosKnight's Blog
Delete post I am bored................... First 10 ideas will be created during these mounths. Ido not promiss create them as fast as the requests or commissions (if there will be any !-.-!)....... Yeah and this post only for fans. If anyone do not like my stuff and only wanna get free pic so please do not waste my time.
Discussion: (20 comments)
  • 2019-01-29 18:46:58

    Yeah and one more thing. Only 1 panel ideas will be accepted.

  • 2019-01-30 08:31:58

    Could you draw Adult midna getting a rimjob from TP Zelda?

  • 2019-01-30 11:24:36

    i founs a lot of pics of minda in several forms. I have not played zelda so can you send me a pic of minda you want to see?

  • 2019-01-30 13:19:13

    Where do I Request?

  • 2019-01-30 13:54:14

    This post in blog I create for 1 free pic . You can post your idea here. If you wanna make request or commission in future you can check out my requests . I work for the first 3 lowest prices 13$ 27$ 40$(50EV 100EV 150EV). But now you can suggest your idea for free for the first time.

  • 2019-01-31 10:59:37

    Fair enough. Adult Hinata getting fucked by Shippuden Sasuke. Positions up to you

  • 2019-01-31 12:01:54


  • 2019-02-04 10:13:43

    How about milf kushina getting fucked by konohamaru?

  • 2019-02-04 10:28:51

    2b having sex with A2 (they are licking each other's pussu while making a 69 position )

  • 2019-02-04 10:29:12


  • 2019-02-04 12:00:11

    so hot

  • 2019-02-04 20:25:26

    ok people

  • 2019-02-07 05:35:21

    Izuku carry fucking Ochako with her breasts bouncing everywhere and lots of cum coming out of her.

  • 2019-02-07 05:43:39

    How about Meiko from Prison School fucking Momo Yayorozu from My hero academia or Califua from Dragon Ball Super your choose. Carry Position

  • 2019-02-07 05:48:57


  • 2019-02-07 06:25:59

    camie utsushimi from boku no hero academia fucking in cowgirl position by Deku

  • 2019-02-07 07:26:55


  • 2019-02-07 10:25:47

    Ochako Uraraka giving Denki kaminari a blowjob and he's cumming in her mouth and there are other students lining up for her and they have money in their hands

  • 2019-02-07 10:26:16

    Or Ochako Uraraka getting fucked and cummed in by Gunhead in a full nelson

  • 2019-02-07 16:11:20


Added: 2019-01-29 16:27:57
# Link to the post in HotVR's Blog
Delete post I know you guys have been thirsty for more, wait no more!
Newest speedpaint video in online here: External

Discussion: (4 comments)
Added: 2019-01-27 17:37:53
# Link to the post in darts69's Blog
Delete post Hello, this is the first time I use the blog because I would like to have your opinion on a problematic situation.

Two months ago, I proposed an idea to an artist. The request was 150 EV and I uncovered them the same day. I don’t know why, and it probably doesn’t concern me (It's private life), but this artist hasn’t posted any images since late November. This artist spends from time to time on the site but does nothing and does not respond to the message. I don’t think I was insistent because I only sent him one message at the end of December to find out what he wanted to do. Four days ago, I sent him a message to tell him that I would take back the 150 EV to propose one or two commissions to other artists. I’ll put the 150 EV back when he finally gets back.

I contact the administrators to warn them of my intention. He tells me he can cancel the idea, but he’s not sure I’m getting my EV back. He doesn’t know, and before he asks me if I’m sure of myself knowing that, he cancels the idea and of course I don’t get my 150 EV back.

When I point out the problem, he has no more hesitation. I cancelled my idea so the site keeps the 150 EV.

I would like to know if any of the members have faced these kinds of situations. I didn’t find this case in the rules of Whentai but english is not my native language. So I can’t be sure.

Thank you for reading me and I hope I was understandable.Thank you in advance to the members for responding.
Discussion: (11 comments)
  • 2019-01-27 18:16:25

    That doesn't sound right, I've cancelled commissions before and I always got my EVs back.
    I see no reason what so ever why idea suggestions should be any different.

    Admins, fix your mess please.

  • 2019-01-27 18:42:04

    Same as DDM. Unless it was a private commission it does state you dont get back the 50% extra put into the idea. But otherwise you get them back, think theres more to the story here. Private message me the details and names darts69.

  • 2019-01-27 18:47:01

    If its the requests area, i've had votes back on a year old idea that was clearly not going to be done, so yeah. Puzzled.

  • 2019-01-27 19:05:35

    All commissions I canceled, I got my EV back, so it's a strange thing

  • 2019-01-27 19:49:21

    Thank you for your answers.

    TOFUK: I sent you screenshots of this situation. Thanks for your help.

    Chomek1: it was not a commission but an idea proposed in an artist’s 150EV requests.

  • 2019-01-27 19:53:31

    hmm ok

  • 2019-01-27 21:29:54

    Why don't you tell administrators about it? Maybe it is just program mistake. Even if it is not they will give you more correct answer than anyone .

  • 2019-01-27 23:40:40

    He has. Seemingly needed a senior one so I've messaged him. Hopefully rectified soon.

  • 2019-01-28 17:34:21

    Josuke solves the problems. Thanks for your help.

  • 2019-01-28 17:49:29

    NP, sorry for the delays. Offline takes lots of time recently... :(

  • 2019-01-28 20:11:13

    I should probably check to see if I have any idea request EV’s lost somewhere too, lol.

Added: 2019-01-26 13:40:42
# Link to the post in TOFUK's Blog
Delete post Note: This is more of a source gathering for a continued discussion between the staff, so whilst there's no guarantees this will be implemented I'd appreciate civil and honest feedback.

With all due respect in today's modern world we cannot do certain content on the site. Strictly Furry/beastality, Minors or Necro/guro/corpse and of course anything deemed too troublesome like Nintendo - known to be VERY copyright protective.

So this leads to certain themes like fantasy/different colours of skin or ears shaped from hair and tails that can be perceived as accessories. As my image shows No 1 would be allowed but the rest would not. So literally... No fur. An idea was that I would receive every commission through my mail that would need my approval that the rules are followed and standard set clearly.

VIPs - Would you be tempted to commission more ideas if the paragraph above was relaxed.

Non VIPs - Would you consider starting to commission if the paragraph above was allowed. (Skins, ears)

Private commissions would still be allowed to create and earn votes not normally allowed

Discussion: (11 comments)
  • 2019-01-26 13:42:59

    I can view who voted so please answer honestly reflecting where your fall under.

  • 2019-01-26 13:58:16

    I dont see problem with furies and Nekos in first place, like yeah folks may not like it but still its far away from Underaged characters or NINTENDO fuckery-so why are they blocked in first place is the question... same goes for different colour skin, not everyone´s taste but no real deal with it

  • 2019-01-26 14:06:56

    I'm glad you started this discussion cause there needs to be some clarification as to exactly what is allowed and what not. After I got warned for one commission I automatically scratched a lot of ideas I wanted to request. Granted I see why they were concerned, I worded it in the stupidest way.

  • 2019-01-26 15:00:13

    I would like to say, i requested to Support they lax that rule, cause lots of ppl like ears and tails. like those Tamamo or Elcair pics i commissioned. but when i said something about it, they said no, as if they did not care about the point i was trying to make was basicly what Tofuk is saying here.

  • 2019-01-26 16:46:44

    To be honest i could never wrap my head around that diffrent skin colour thing. I think that the rule should at least not forbit that. Zangya from dragon ball for an example. She has pointy ears and blue skin. The rest is humanoid.

  • 2019-01-26 17:27:20

    Yes, simple detailed body should not be enough to make the character a non-human.
    For me, I think the moderators should do a survey to get the opinion of users of commission encrypted, because there is also 50% more votes that I have a problem (it's way too much, and it blocks me other commission for several months.

  • 2019-01-26 20:00:47

    As a general rule, if there are less restrictions then people can do more ideas. It's not exactly complicated.

  • 2019-01-26 22:36:38

    I never tend to have much interest outside of Holo or Raphtalia level characters and occassionly different skin tones, but I'm still for a minor reduction of restrictions.

  • 2019-01-26 22:57:52

    Roy/MsSake - One would assume the laws of the host nation dont approve, not to mention paypal being fickle and wising up - its similar to the patreon debacle.

    Elbourico - I'd consider private messaging artists for off - site content. Josuke explained previously regarding PCs rates.

    Believe me, my tastes are all over the place. But if it goes to hell im not the one that deals with the reprocussions, its WHTan and the gang. You dont need Nintendo breathing down your neck, unless its Bowsette, Boosette etc, then they can get stuffed ;)

  • 2019-01-27 03:17:16

    I'm old. i mean when i was a kid, i was learning how to use a PC just on a floppy disc and DOS. and I miss something Tofuk. bakc when Windows came out with Win 3.1, and a dial up on 300baud, eventully up to 28.8k then up to 56k, then finaly dsl.. ect.. but around the time DSL and Cable caused Internet speeds to soar. we lost 2 very important things somewhere along the way. #1 was Unlimited Access. and #2 Free Source of All Information. those were the internets call signs in the start. what happened to that. :(

  • 2019-02-09 12:00:53

    I really appreciate you bringing up this topic! I could never understand the restriction on something so obsolete as "no pointy-ears, no non-human skin" thing. I get it if it's a character from a company that'll come to neuter you over it or someone who could be perceived as underage but I think the rule cuts out a lot of content that could bring a lot of attention and business to the site. That's just my opinion though.

Added: 2019-01-25 01:59:48
# Link to the post in TINTO's Blog
Delete post Once I fell in love with a girl .. and she was an anime character .. It was Faye Valentine (Cowboy Bebop)
Has this happened to you?
Maybe of course I touch too deep a topic .. but please answer.

Discussion: (0 comments)