An image of Kaori Miyazono, in her school outfit, giving a footjob. She should be looking down, so that the image points up between her legs. Less emphasis placed on her feet and more on her as whole, if that makes sense. If possible, I'd like for her shirt to be opened and for her to not be wearing panties, exposing as much of herself as possible from below, while still keeping her outfit on. The exact amount of these details can be negotiable, as I'd much rather have a high quality image than one with everything I'd like. [img id="0f3df441bd44ccb39174e645f4bc2ba8"][img id="08c6aa182c49adb9ea20bb7e9d3f962b"]
Added: 2018-05-20 10:29:07
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Kaori Miyazono in a sexy pinup pose, wearing only her blue shirt, tie, and panties. Her tie should be loose and shirt unbuttoned, so she can show off her entire body. 112 EV's as previously discussed. Details and pose are to artist's discretion, I trust in the quality of your work. [img id="0f3df441bd44ccb39174e645f4bc2ba8"] [img id="08c6aa182c49adb9ea20bb7e9d3f962b"]
Kaori Miyazono (from Your Lie In April), wearing just her unbuttoned shirt, as she rides an anon male in the cowgirl position. I'd like for her to be fully enjoying herself and riding with enthusiasm.
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