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A panelled picture of Wonder Woman's humiliation. Android 18 is holding one of Wonder Woman’s companions hostage and threatens to kill her if Wonder Woman tries to resist. Having no other options, Wonder Woman surrenders herself and her humiliation ensues: Characters and outfits: Android 18 in her original outfit without boots: External Wonder Woman in her wetsuit without boots: Image Panel 1: Android 18 stands behind Wonder Woman and uses the nozzle of a vacuum cleaner (External ) to suck on the superheroine’s ass. The suction power is high which makes the vacuum cleaner pull on the part of Wonder Woman’s bodysuit which covers her ass. Wonder Woman looks forward of her with this expression External (but eyes should be closed and red cheeks should be included). Her stance is normal, with both arms next to her body, legs and feet are next to each other with no opening between them, but she clenches her fists and raises her shoulders a bit. Both characters’ full figures should be shown from head to feet. Panel 2: Android 18 uses the short pipe of the vacuum cleaner to suck on Wonder Woman’s boobs. Because of the high suction, the vacuum cleaner pulls on the part of the bodysuit which covers her boobs as well as her boobs themselves. Wonder Woman's expression looks like this: External Panel 3: Android 18 uses the same short pipe to suck on Wonder Woman’s groin until a turned-on dick emerges under her bodsyuit. Panel 4: Android 18 holds Wonder Woman against a wall and is shoving her knee against her dick until she cums. Her dick should be covered by her bodysuit. Android 18 looks at Wonder Woman with this expression: External (red cheeks included) Panel 5: Android 18 is standing in front of Wonder Woman with her arms crossed and is giving her dick a footjob until she cums and her semen covers Android 18's foot. Her dick is now outside of her bodysuit. Android 18 is looking at her with the same expression as in panel 4. Wonder Woman sits in this position: External (straps which bind arms with legs should also be included)
Added: 2016-12-03 19:45:22
Android 18 in her original outfit: External Wonder Woman in her wetsuit: Image Android 18 is bearhugging a bruised Wonder Woman tightly while sucking on her nice boobs. Wonder Woman is struggling to break herself free from Android 18's bearhug while secretly enjoying her boobs getting sucked.
Added: 2016-07-27 18:16:21