Naruto is eating out Kushina’s pussy, while Rin is riding his cock, like this: Image All three of them are fully naked with the girls sporting flushed pleasure-filled faces, and Naruto looks like how he does in Shippuden.
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Title - Shoto & Fuyumi Todoroki - Taboo Shouto Todoroki Image External Image x Fuyumi Todoroki External External in this position Image Shouto is rubbing her wet pussy and kissing her neck. Fuyumi is blushing and moaning with her hand over her mouth Location is a traditional Japanese bedroom like External No clothing
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Cana x Gildarts

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Guy chokes girl as he has his way with her - what that may be is completely up to you (fucking, teasing, anything as long as it's explicit and graphic), as are the outfits. Fucking, However, I ask that you stick to the following descriptions: Girl: tall, brunette, dark brown eyes. Small breasts with pierced nipples. Large ass with juicy thighs. Refers to guy as "daddy". Guy: shorter, dark hair, grey eyes, black square glasses, refers to girl by degrading term/terms of your choosing (i.e. my whore/slut). V boring and vanilla, I know. I'm clearly planning it as a personal gift.
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Hanabi and Hiashi Hyuuga

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