Manga: Alita: Battle Angel from Yukito Kishiro. Character: Alita or Yoko Alita lying down on bed (exact same position & pose just like the girl in the attached picture.) [Description of the picture] - She has two cyborg (robot) arm's. Still any other part of her body is HUMAN! -She is completly naked. -Stripes under her eye's are red (just like in attached picture) -She is bitting her pinky finger (just like in attached picture where the girl bites her pinky finger) -She has medium sized tits - ------>Beautiful feet & toenails ( foot fetish) <<----- -Beautiful pussy -Face expression ( just like attached picture / girl lying down on the bed) - She is blushing. (Not to much please, Max. like the attached picture of the anime girl blushing.) Of course i want to see her whole body. [img id="799eea7c10f55dd482cdd1ea26eada02"] [img id="0e0ede691cce5ebfacab28bb23cd65da"] [img id="d05039d88f1560a59bc93f4806a4fecc"] [img id="c7f4cbdac06116031edf889a01442ecf"] [img id="4472a7a5ec57579fd9420c7201e518db"] [img id="f23dc7d73270080803a65a3fe393b8e6"] [img id="13e528184099ee7963f3f62d3bd9ce4a"]
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Roma from Kancolle (IMG REF 2&3) is on the bed under the sheets (IMG REF 1) welcoming in, while in pose (IMG 4). Purpose is again for a desktop background, 1920x1080 resolution. Only topless, bottom with panties (up to your choice of design) keep the glasses and head piece on. Try to make the background feel like a high rise apartment bedroom, sensual and calm, slightly blurred out. [img id="dc3c508f0dc3736d7c70ebd63ce27393"] [img id="55bcd64881898585d63a4633b0538ef1"] [img id="d26441addb29cbe4908fbc015e512122"] [img id="bdac765ac6c073d7167f01c7095ee996"]
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Soul Calibur - TAKI - You choose the sex act External
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Hinata in bed

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Ann Takamaki Pera 5

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CG2 Rise Fujikawa

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CG1 Rise Fujikawa

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