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A sequel to this excellent pic: sam-totally-slave This time, the two thugs (or two of their buddies) are holding Sam up and DPing her. Her belt and a few shreds of her uniform are left, but she's mostly nude. Her arms are box-tied behind her. Her head is back, eyes closed, mouth open, like she's in the middle of crying out. She's not happy, but her toes are curled as if she's feeling some unwanted pleasure. She is leaking cum front and back and has more dripping from her chin and splattering her body (one big wad might have hit the heart in her belt). I'd like the guy in front of her not to block the view of her more than needed. He could be semi-transparent, or leaning back, or just stepping back from Sam and leaving her a creampie joined to his cock with a ribbon of cum. I attached a rough sketch, but feel free to play around with it. A couple of references to give the general idea: External / External (girl at left) Thank you! [img id="2319dc1f538680a1db08fbf2ebad3abf"]
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Harribel bleach hollows

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Princess Lotte from Dorei Maid Princess hentai naked in this position blushing and smiling innocently.[img id="26acec34b8af06c410e5876d5b3d025c"]
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Amy from bondage queen Kate in sexy submissave pose showing off her barefeet. A quick note about the feet. Last time you gave the girl in the comission painted nails. If possible I’d like her to have unpainted nails.
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Marge Simp

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Leliana dragonage game

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