Commission for SenyorPretty! 2 panels featuring Olivier Mira Armstrong from Fullmetal Alchemist. Some clothing and pubic hair preferred but not necessary. Panel 1: something like this: External . Panel 2: something like this: External . For this one, I'd like a smaller panel showing the cock cumming inside her (like you did in one of your recent pictures). Not picky about deadline. Thanks and please lemme know if you need anything else :)
Added: 2017-07-27 18:19:02
4-panel comic page in color Panel one (across page) Winry Rockbell (full metal alchemist) is doing a striptease on a small stage in a saloon she's taking off her shirt and not wearing a bra. Panel 2 she's topless and pulling her shorts down showing her panties. Coins and bills are landing on stage Panel 3 (next to 2 ) she's pull down her panties and there's more money on stage Panel 4 (across page) Totally naked she's giving Edward Elric (with his pants down) a lap dance while Alphonse Elric throws money at her.
Added: 2017-06-08 00:03:53
Lust External External Image Naked, on her back, legs crossed, and cup her breast.
Added: 2018-11-29 20:22:09
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The Real Sharpshooters: Riza Hawkeye (FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood) gives a messy titfuck to Ed while Armstrong and Mustang cum on her face. You don't have to draw the guys entirely, just something identifiable like Ed's jacket, Armstrong's brass knuckles, and Roy's gloves. Riza is wearing her military uniform with her breasts exposed and her reading glasses. She has cum all over her face, glasses, and tits. She is busty, blushing, and slightly annoyed.
Added: 2015-08-11 09:32:32