Title: Tea’s Duel Monster Experiences ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Panel 1: Tea is getting fucked by Bakura’s Man-Eater Bug, while in her Magician of Fate outfit. Tea is getting fucked doggystyle with the Magician of Fate’s scepter in one hand while her outfit is torn open a bit, revealing her breasts, stomach, pussy and ass. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Panel 2: A fully naked and cum-coated Tea is getting gangbanged by the Hitotsu-Me Giant Tribe from Noah’s virtual world. She is riding one of the giants cowgirl-style while getting her ass fucked from behind by another one, while jerking off two other Hitotsu-Me Giants at her sides, though she is also sucking off the head of the Hitotsu-Me Giant to her right’s dick as she’s jacking it. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Panel 3: Tea and the Dark Magician Girl are Scissoring their pussies in a sitting-up/leaning-back position while having their hands behind them on the ground to keep themselves from falling backwards. Tea is only wearing the stockings, heeled sandals and bracelets from her outfit from the Battle City/Virtual World arcs, while the Dark Magician Girl is only wearing her boots, hat and forearm guards. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ In panel 1, Tea is sporting a flushed face and has her teeth grit in a pleasure-filled smile, trying and failing to not give into her pleasure, while a trail of drool is escaping from her mouth. In panel 2, Tea is sporting a flushed face while her eyes are glazed and filled with nothing but pleasure. In Panel 3, both Tea and the Dark Magician are sporting flushed faces and are sporting the same expression as the girls in this picture: Image ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Locations: Panel 1, Tea and Man-Eater Bug are on the Dueling Board that Atem and Yami Bakura Dueled on during their Shadow Game in Duelist Kingdom (Note: Only Man-Eater Bug and Tea are present). Panel 2, Tea and the Hitotsu-Me Giant Tribe are in the cave that the tribe takes refuge in. Panel 3, Tea and Dark Magician Girl are in the icy terrain that they dueled Crump in (Note: Once again, Tea and the Duel Monster she’s having sex with are the only ones present).
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Characters: Tea Gardner (Yu-Gi-Oh!) x Alexis Rhodes (Yu-Gi-Oh! GX) Tea is fully naked, save for wearing the red choker and Blue & Yellow bracelets that she wore in episodes 53 & 54. Alexis is fully naked, while only wearing her blue opera gloves. Tea and Alexis are scissoring and are sporting flushed faces, while moaning and panting in lust & pleasure with their eyes half-lidded.
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Ishizu ishtar fucked in standing position from behind by joey wheeler - hesh holding her left leg up so we see her feed in the air and with the other hand he is grabbing her right boob but we can see both nipples shes complettly naked and enjoying - he cum in her vaginal
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splitted picture: on the left side ishizu ishtar fucked in reserve position by a random with red evil eyes (she wear her gold jewelry and her clothes but we see vaginalfuck and busty tits are outside her hair is visible as well) on the right side we see ishizu ishtar again this time in a sexy pose wearing and expression up to the artist
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Alexis Rhodes : External with a hole in her uniform where the white part surrounded by a blue "V" thing, so we can have a cleavage window, like here : External and Tea Gardner : Image with her top more "open" on the side, like here : External So they are both fully clothed, and have larger breasts, this size : External They are in this positon : External Tea on the left, Alexis on the right. Since they are not naked, Alexis's left hand is under Tea's shorts, fingering her. They are looking at the viewer, blushing and with a seductive smile. They have this kind of eyes, with their respective eye colors : External And this glowing symbol on their forehead : External
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Dark magician girl and cyber harpie lady partially clothed. Both are laying down on their sides . breasts are exposed and pussy is also exposed
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kamishiro rio from yugioh zexal getting fucked by futanari aika hanazoe from the same series in this position External rio is wearing her black stockings and shoes aika is wearing her kimono half naked. rio is moaning and aika has a grin on her face.
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Talk About Cleaning My Rims: Akiza (YuGiOh 5Ds) gives Yugi (YuGiOh) a rimjob and handjob and Tea (YuGiOh) gives Yusei (YuGiOh 5Ds) a rimjob and spanks him, while the guys lean on Yusei's duel runner. The guys are nude, Akiza is wearing her racing suit (Image ) with her breasts exposed and Tea is wearing (Image ) with her breasts exposed and her thong riding up her back. Both girls are busty, blushing, curvy, and have cum all over their tits from the guys.
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