Amy slave beauty
2018-09-11 02:46:55
Amy from bondage queen Kate in sexy submissave pose showing off her barefeet. A quick note about the feet. Last time you gave the girl in the comission painted nails. If possible I’d like her to have unpainted nails.
Sexy Sex Slave Diana
2018-09-06 06:21:34
Princess Diana from Fencer of Minerva anime in her slave costume and collar in a sexy submissive position. The comission has a poop feeling to it as well much like the covers of a pulp magizeen or better yet of the anime itself. Her feet are also visable and in a sexy position and she is shaved if her pussy is visable.
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Teodora hypno slave
2018-06-24 20:58:06
Legend_Quest Teodora_Villavicencio External Hypnotized and posed sort of like Image Collared and leashed like Image Holding out the end of the leash in one hand and Holding a paddle Image Out in the other hand Her bottom is wet and dripping And her eyes look like Image