- Continuation of my last commission: - Action: All three lick Boruto's penis. Hinata licks the tip of the penis, Hanabi licks the side of the penis and Himawari licks Boruto's testicles. All three are lying on the floor (in different positions, but all three are showing their pussies in Boruto) and Hinata is beckoning Boruto to come and take them. Boruto takes Hanabi first (position: Hanabi is in doggy position, Hinata gives Boruto the breast and at the same time, Himawari sucks the other breast of her mother, while she puts a finger in her mother's pussy). Then, he takes Hinata (position: Hinata is lying on the floor and Boruto spreads her mother's legs to take it in her pussy. Hanabi is standing and she spreads her pussy so that Himawari, who is on his knees, then swallow the sperm that comes out of her pussy). and finally, he takes Himawari (position: Himawari is in doggy position and she licks her mother's pussy, while Boruto takes her sister in her pussy. Hanabi washes her pussy with the showerhead). After ejaculating in the pussy of all the girls, Boruto is happy while looking at his mother, aunt and sister. Hanabi wipes her pussy with the bath towel, Hinata washes her pussy with the shower head, and Himawari spreads her pussy to bring out the cum that is in her pussy. Hinata asks Boruto to use the "sexy no jutsu". Boruto is surprised by this request, but it transforms like a woman. Hanabi wipes the pussy of Hinata and Hinata who washes Himawari's pussy with the showerhead. And all three are watching Boruto, who is in a female version, again with "The Byakugan" and Boruto wonders again what will happen to him. - Thank you
Added: 2018-09-23 11:26:09
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"Halloween treats sharing" Akame and Kurome wearing this Image there boobs are shown, in this position Image but with more cum on there faces and in there mouths [img id="c0a3df6a7fae39c96b4222ef2effb182"] [img id="a50582454acdb4865d46861f0526d08c"] [img id="a87856f7d3ade7675a84ac8c53afc4f6"] [img id="75cb63d6269e1780e46b1c90806d09ef"] [img id="2488c8a5afc75a538cb9014e51f1b781"]
Added: 2018-10-31 17:43:44
Nejire Hado from Boku no hero ,boobs exposed and a ahegao expression External outfit , look and figure as such here. Just as messy too. [img id="d383b775d8ca519a4ebe70e6a31b61cf"]
Added: 2018-11-15 18:49:55
Rikka and Yuta 3 panels - upper panel : Rikka taking the tip of Yuta dick in her mouth, he is putting his hand on her face, they are making eyes contact like this Image Rikka is fully dressed in her swimsuit, one hand on his dick the other hand playing with her boobs, her pussy fluid are leaking through the middle of her pantes Image Yuta standing wearing his swim short and his hand band his dick is very erect, he is making a face like this Image - middle panel : Yuta (wearing nothing but his hand band ) sitting on top of Rikaa using both of her boobs to jerk off his dick, he is making a cuming face, Rikaa laying on ground her top part is missed up, thick cum over her face hair and in her mouth, she is happy Image Image - lower panel : Rikka riding Yuta in reverse cowgirl like this Image both fully nude ( aside from Yuta hand band), both in pleasure, he is coming inside her and lots of cum leaking out from her pussy background for all panels is next to river in mountain like this Image if anything is not clear, or you need more reference feel free to contact me anytime ^^ and yeah if you could use the same unique eye colors style from the anime that would be awesome . thanks ! [img id="f8f35eeb7f9c52ea6d9ae469956bc5c0"] [img id="81a24701b6b221648b62fe0eba9d891b"] [img id="40b952d7dd786fd98ec43a747635d2d0"] [img id="f13a79a648f8b1ab30bf9fd649017e81"] [img id="710e651b61ce60efa7d8fa13c1e20b1d"] [img id="5aca6f78bbe0a84162409b8a32ccce2b"] [img id="09c9b50fad788b88c213ea70539de817"] [img id="107f1199d05d306ce9722f46dc5345ab"] [img id="b92e73bfa3c71534dc654720caef1f76"] [img id="dfd6a0f6e1447d352cbfe82855f7a2ba"] [img id="337ce0fcc4f1183fb9095e232b3b28d8"] [img id="97ccced02722a4679330f73c56da67dc"] [img id="c8b9ee0b30abe74b9d758eb081948092"] [img id="d783a5aaa5e6e5cfc8b08c8ff514e4cf"] [img id="2244d5e7a88eb230a90364604d90f51f"] [img id="59c39887cfa3b83b9f31f09ce4092f28"] [img id="0f84f3104c171c71df08c87bbeea6b30"] [img id="d0fbbc5d2d8f5d4087749baf7a7cad8e"] [img id="985514f0ad4f47d63db351d7781aa5ec"] [img id="39d0129bf2a8d27eb9b21640a94ce4e3"] [img id="cde9d93ce31db91160d1491fa90a6bbe"] [img id="759dac1416afddd42e390710c4d59e95"] [img id="edd31bd645fb3c150ae19125cc933a1c"] [img id="474e3dba5e9b86e5cca5e1575c897635"]
Added: 2018-12-11 09:07:41
Commissioning Artemisumi to do a work that the original artist couldn't get done. Description for posterity: ----- Commission Title: "Before/After - FT - Erza Scarlet" Manga/Anime: Fairy Tail Characters: 1, Erza Scarlet. Panels: 2 Details: Panel 1: Erza scarlet in her default armor, looking at the viewer with an angry expression and saying "So you're Jiemma of Sabretooth huh? I'll make you pay for what you've done to Fairy Ta-" Panel 2: Erza face-down in a pile of garbage with her arms tied behind her back, fucked utterly unconscious. The word "TRASH" scribbled somewhere on her body. Artist's choice on what to do with her state of dress at this point. -----
Added: 2019-01-27 16:58:48
- Anime: Major 2nd - Characters: Michiru Mayumura and Izumi Shigeno - Clothing: none - position : as in reference pic, Michiru on left, Izumi on right - ps: don't forget Izumi gravity defying hair strand that stick up from the top of her head [img id="4f9146fe64d304e4e15289c24c769e36"] [img id="d191d12e15571b1d9efe5b8344a0827a"] [img id="99dcadd83e86b500c6dcb969e728e54e"] [img id="43305d2bb562e2652f4bf630586c3275"] [img id="adfccea78c05c999c006375dfe0e4e3c"] [img id="6b4d7f5a23fb3b2a71557594f7b2a625"]
Added: 2018-09-30 14:52:28
Machi External bound up in some BDSM gear, ball gag in mouth drool coming from it, legs spread with cum in them. Pic inspired by this External (If there was a sign that read "Fuck a Troupe member 3,000 Jenny" "%50 of if she drools" would be cool as well)
Added: 2018-10-05 16:45:15
Ilsa Nadir blowbang. I'd prefer the hat stayed on, but the state of the rest of her clothes can be artist's choice. [img id="f9c27a18b8a42f97f46bab795849ff2a"] [img id="39359b426c882fa579fd9cfa8242e0f3"]
Added: 2018-12-22 15:55:45