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Lusamine Fuck

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Hello I would like someone to draw Noelle and Mimosa from Black Clover like the picture please. [img id="0d561ae4b4e5b019ad5276a088ab4b1d"]
Mai Sakurajima from Bunnygirl senpai getting fingered By Asuna Yuuki while Asuna licks her clit Mai in hot black lingery boobs and pussy shown Asuna fully naked Pussy shown.
-Anime: Naruto and Boruto -Perals: 1 female character only, at the choice of the artist. ( and man possible, but for the ren to modify in version adult and for men to modify in version woman) -Clothing: school swimsuit, model chosen by the artist. Tits and pussy: big tits and huge tits only. shaved or hairy pussy, the choice of the artist. Location: At the choice of the artist. Action: the character wears, puts or removes his swimsuit, according to the choice of the artist. Hard action possible. Sex toys and other possible object. If other characters in the picture, we should see only part of the body (example: if the character sucks a penis) NB: only proposals with 50 votes will be validated. 5 artists maximum will be chosen for this request. -Thank you so much.
The blond elf of Houtengeki in a gangbang, in a position similar to the example, with the Sorceress from Dragon's Crown proportions. Keep her original clothes on but with visible nipples, add a lot of men, some cum on her body and lips. She must be enjoying it. Keep a medieval theme. The men can be bandits, barbarian or something like that, not cool guys, some must be waiting for their turn. Bruises on boobs and cheeks are fine. [img id="4f09274960b669b194ec3131eefe0a02"] [img id="0f02e24a28c0c00d478ee89eb9f76c13"] [img id="3be30a2136d81922d7d4512fe2cc146e"] [img id="20e5e2937e15b361aa927b516f5743a8"] [img id="f78cabaa9db4d693dfbcdbfede42debd"] [img id="31d110c0ea91071b2ea31e8db9e20f70"] [img id="46164d7fac41f60472635a3ffdb27203"]
Hanayamata - Yaya Sasame (futa) is fucking Naru Sekiya's pussy in the cowgirl position. Naru has her arms wrapped around Yaya while Yaya has her hands on Naru's back. Both of them are looking at each other with Yaya having a small smile on her face and looking slightly flustered and Naru having a look of happiness on her face. [img id="9d10b8ca5a8a70017fa8459944cba1d8"] [img id="ed52faf09a79237fa4f3e3fd51d2a677"]
Please, read the background information from my blog post here: lovepuzzles?id=2255 In this commission, you are requested to create an artwork with our character Yoko. Yoko is a quiet and shy girl who just arrived from Japan and is going to study at a local college. She doesn't like crowded places and prefers staying together with the player in quiet hideaways. And when nobody but her loved one sees her, she gets really passionate and wild! The commission should display the girl in a bikini. She displays her outfit to the player, and her pose should correlate with the text: "Oh, I'm so embarrassed. Do you really like my bikini?" The pose is up to the artist. The style/color of the bikini is up to the artist as well. The background is up to the artist. The picture should be sexy, but 100% Safe For Work! My thoughts were that she might be slightly blushing, a bit shy, but passionate at the same time. The image should display the girl from her knees up (like the first images lovepuzzles?id=2255 ) And as I already said in the blog post - the result should fit the main style of the current artworks/girls from our game. Bright colors, "juicy" and dynamic. The resulting image should be very alike to the current model (the images attached to the commission). Technical requirements: 1200x2400 JPG/PNG image + the source in PSD format: where the girl is on a separate layer from the background (so the girl might be placed on transparent background later on). I will be choosing a few artists for this job, let's see how it will go. [img id="93bf4ce9a05b3912bca245b02f4a824b"] [img id="d8d36e82ac71881664076b2b9dcafef5"]
-Condition Artist for this commission:  100 votes per artist, for this commission (if more, the artist will not be chosen) 5 artist maximaum for this commission. -Anime: At the choice of the artist. -Characters: Housewife (example: Chichi in Dragonball, Oosuki Mamako in Tsuujou Kougeki Ga Zentai Kougeki Ni-kai Kweki No Okaasan Wa Suki Desu Ka?) and schoolgirl (example: Mio in k-on !, Sakura Hibiki in Danberu Nan Kiro Moteru?) -Clothes: Housewife: very sexy underwear (lace and transparent, and several different colors, example: External ) and schoolboy: panties (striped two colors, example: External ) and topless. model and color chosen by the artist -Tits and pussy: housewife: huge breasts with big dark areola, and hairy pussy (the same color as these hair), schoolgirl: big breasts with big pale areola, and shaved pussy. -Location: In the house, or in the garden. -Action: the stay-at-home mom makes a household chore in the house, or in the garden (eg in the house: cooking, dishes, cleaning, etc., eg in the garden: hanging up washing (only the under clothing and swimsuits), mowing the lawn, gardening and others). the schoolgirl helps the housewife to do her housework. The pose is the choice of the artist, but we must see the nipples with areolas of the breasts, as well as the pussy and the hair of the pussy (for the housewife) of the two characters -Thank you
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