Uzumes Night
2016-07-21 18:58:36
Title: "Uzume's Night" Plot-After having such a wonderful time with Minato's party, Uzume continues her fun. Now she's spending time with her Chiho Hidaka, who's looking live and well. Including the fact she's completely cured of her incurable illness thanks to the heroic efforts of Minato and his Sekirei. This time, Uzume having sex with Chiho in her room at the love hotel in the lotus position while kissing. Both of them are nude,blushing and enjoy it as well. Only Chiho blushes even harder and Uzume loves it. Just for the record, Chiho living in Maison Izumo. Location: Bedroom inside of the Love Hotel Explanation: Maison Izumo is a good place to have sex, but just like before, they can't due to Miya's carnal rules unless she authorize it on her house. Tags: Uzume (Sekirei), Chiho Hidaka (Sekirei), Yuri, brunette, lesbian, big boobs/huge hits, nude, kissing, Sekirei
A Veil of Passion
2016-06-02 15:26:00
Sekirei: Based on a chapter from Phen0m20's fanfic, "A Veil of Passion". After meeting Minato for the first time, Uzume's Ashikabi, Chiho demands that Uzume make babies with Minato. Complying with her chibi-faced demand, Minato and Uzume have sex in her room at Maison Izumo in this position: Tigrevurmud_Vorn_Sofya_Obertas with Minato sucking Uzume's milk-swollen breasts, while Uzume holds his head to her breast with one hand, and her other hand is holding his against her pregnant belly. Uzume is giving Minato a loving smile. Both are nude and blushing. If you can, to give it a touch of comedy, have Miya's hannya mask be watching them, with it's usual malicious aura surrounding it.
Sekirei Love Party Part 2
2017-04-21 05:43:19
Title: "Sekirei Love Party Part 2". Plot: Picking up from Sekirei Love Party part 1, after Minato had sex with Musubi, Tsukiumi, Matsu, and Kazehana. Uzume and her beloved Chiho Hidaka decided to join in after they secretly saw them. Those two ladies are impressed with their sexual performance. Especially Uzume, who's amazingly amused. Therefore in this time around, Uzume having sex with Chiho Hidaka in her own room happily. Only Uzume’s being gentle with Chiho. They do in whatever the two sex positions the author pleases as long as they're close to each other due to their strong love and bond. In other words, Uzume and Chiho sexing each other in (a selection of whatever the two positions the author pleases) a sexual position that would make them happy. Capable of picking the position Uzume and her Chiho wants to do (Game). Just like before, this action take place much after the final chapter of the story. Both girls must be completely naked without any clothes on. No undies, no stockings, none of it. The location is Uzume's room inside of Maison Izumo. It will be an animated SWF.
Sekirei Love Party Part 3
2017-05-27 06:41:10
"Sekirei Love Party Part 3". Here's the plot... Picking up from Sekirei Love Party Part 2. After Uzume and Chiho Hidaka satisfied with each other throughout their own performance, those two decided to enter room 202 to have sex with Minato Sahashi due to their love and liking to him. However, they're not the only ones, Homura also like to make love to Minato. Therefore in this time around, Minato Sahashi having passionate sex with Uzume, Chiho,and Homura as they wanted to do it with him out of their own free will in sort of missionary position (with a girl is on top on Minato) because they love him so much. They doing it (almost exactly like this External ) with the girl touching Minato’s head with love. Holding him, loving him, squeezing him, and/or kissing him (up to the artist). In other words, Minato sexing (which meaning fucking) (a selection of girls such as) Uzume, Chiho Hidaka, and Homura. Capable of choosing of who gets to sex (which means to fuck) Minato (Game). Just like before, this action takes place much after the final chapter of the story. Everybody, including Minato Sahashi, must be completely naked without any clothes on. No undies, no stockings, no socks, none of it. Be sure that their tits are revealed too. Minato’s face must be shown, including his eyes (in a way the viewers will know it’s really him). Also, Minato’s face looked sweet and innocent just like he is in canon. Uzume's face must look very seductive, (just like this woman's seductive look External ) , it's very important to me. And to be sure that Chiho have a shy look smile on her face. The location is Minato’s room inside of Maison Izumo. It will be an animated SWF.