Manga: Alita: Battle Angel from Yukito Kishiro. Character: Alita or Yoko Alita lying down on bed (exact same position & pose just like the girl in the attached picture.) [Description of the picture] - She has two cyborg (robot) arm's. Still any other part of her body is HUMAN! -She is completly naked. -Stripes under her eye's are red (just like in attached picture) -She is bitting her pinky finger (just like in attached picture where the girl bites her pinky finger) -She has medium sized tits - ------>Beautiful feet & toenails ( foot fetish) <<----- -Beautiful pussy -Face expression ( just like attached picture / girl lying down on the bed) - She is blushing. (Not to much please, Max. like the attached picture of the anime girl blushing.) Of course i want to see her whole body. [img id="799eea7c10f55dd482cdd1ea26eada02"] [img id="0e0ede691cce5ebfacab28bb23cd65da"] [img id="d05039d88f1560a59bc93f4806a4fecc"] [img id="c7f4cbdac06116031edf889a01442ecf"] [img id="4472a7a5ec57579fd9420c7201e518db"] [img id="f23dc7d73270080803a65a3fe393b8e6"] [img id="13e528184099ee7963f3f62d3bd9ce4a"]
Added: 2019-03-09 04:50:53
Yasuho Hirose, with her legs spread and masturbating. I'd prefer for most of her clothes to remain on, but detail should be placed onto making her as accurate as possible. I'd just like a high quality solo piece, but specifics of the pose can be changed by the artist. If you have a suggestion or clarification to ask, just message me. [img id="71712a4d61a1c6acdcbbc960f4f1bcab"]
Added: 2018-11-02 11:52:42
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Erza Scarlet kinda

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Tsunade Squatting

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Daring Nora Valkyire

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