Xmas Anal Collaboration - Kinda like my previous collaborations, but for 50 votes per user they can choose any girl and xmas outfit (WARNING: Anything less than 50 votes wont be considered and be classed as a tip to the chosen artist) to make this appealing to the artist they will choose the anal scene and the mystique to us of what they do. Miss X, Tiger Mask W -External wearing this.
Arts by: EdJimEdJim Idea by: TOFUK Added: 2017-01-04 01:21:39
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[Dragon Ball Super] Future Trunks x Artificial Human 18 (Lazuli) -- Future Trunks has blue hair like here (from Future Trunks/Goku Black arc): Image
Arts by: Inusen666inusen666 Idea by: Enzo Added: 2017-02-01 16:10:21
A sexy pinup of Android 18 (DBZ) and Lucy Heartfilia (FT) non-lesbian. Possibly one girl emphasizing her breasts and the other showing off her ass. One of them wearing (External ) and the other wearing this ((Image ) with sunglasses on her head. Lucy with her hair styled like this (Image ).
Arts by: EdJimEdJim Idea by: Mac Added: 2017-08-18 21:52:36
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