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Price: Name yo price, yo Artist: Anyone can apply. Title: VA Cosplay, Jean/Boa Clare/Merry Characters: 2 Characters, standing up. Clare ( Image ) and Jean ( External ) from Claymore. Background: None, plain white will do. Details: Jean is cosplaying as Boa Hancock ( External ) from One Piece, wearing the outfit in the reference. She's sort of casually holding up the skirt part sort of like this ( deneve-loly-cosplay ), which exposes her pussy and she's not wearing any underwear. The parts of her dress that cover her breasts is also torn down the middle, so the flaps fall away and show her breasts more fully. Jean is looking at Clare with much arousal/surprise at how sexy she thinks Clare is. Clare is wearing a custom outfit of your (the artist's) own design. My only specifications are that it MUST be based off of this: ( External ), and she's wearing a strap-on modeled after the ship's ram-helm and railings. More specifically, the dildo's shaft is the shape of the canon and its head is the shape of the ram-head, with the panty-section of it stylized after the white railings. Yes, that is a ship. The first ship of the Strawhats from One Piece, to be precise. She is cosplaying as a ship. Other than that, it's entirely up to the artist how they want to do her outfit.
Added: 2018-12-09 03:35:55
Title: The Failed Rebellion Anime/Manga: Claymore Characters: Helen, Deneve, Miria, Clare. (References can be provided on demand) Art-style: Base it on the reference provided below but strive mostly towards the style of the Claymore anime. (I don't demand perfection) You don't have to try and match the reference artist's style. Colors: I would like it colored but I'm open to black and white with proper shading. Asking to get to do it in black and white will not harm your chances to be selected for the job. This pic but with the above characters: External Positions: Helen in place of the woman on the far left, then Deneve, then Miria and finally Clare closest to the audience. Clothes: Their standard claymore uniforms/armors, but torn open to expose their breasts and pussies in degrading ways. They're being shamed and stripped of all dignity. (I can be argued out of the armor parts if they're too challenging.) They've all had the word "Traitor" written on their foreheads but this does not need to be readable, merely present. It's fine if the angle or whatever makes it unreadable or non-existent. Other details: Someone's grabbing Helen roughly by the hair from off-screen. Only the arm needs to be visible, no character. Don't hold back on the cum please. All the girls have tears in their eyes. Obviously, the orc should be replaced by a human man instead. The price may be flexible based on various variables. I am available for further details or questions via PMs and I promise I won't bite you.
Added: 2018-08-12 21:06:16
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Title: VA Cosplay - Deneve/Loly Background: No background. Colors: Yes. Pricing: Name yo price, yo. Waiting time is not an issue. Details: Deneve from Claymore ( External , External , better color: Image ) wearing Loly Aivirrne from Bleach's outfit. ( Image ) Excluding the hair and eye-piece. The flaps of fabric that "should" cover the breasts have just swung completely open because there's nothing to actually hold them in place. She's holding up the front of the skirt with one hand, like she's thinking "what's this?" and unintentionally exposing her pussy to the viewer. (She's not wearing panties.) Her expression is deadpan.
Added: 2018-08-09 23:28:05
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Claymore commission for SenyorPretty as per discussed. This commission has already been agreed on so nobody else needs to bother offering to make it.
Added: 2018-08-08 12:39:19
Title: Finding Common Ground Anime/Manga: Claymore Characters: Clare ( External ), Priscilla ( Image ) Anyone feel free to apply. A rendition of the attached reference but featuring Priscilla(to the viewer's left) and Clare(to the viewer's right) from Claymore. Both girls should be nude and looking at the cock rather than the viewer. They're amazed and blushing at the size. The black man is supposed to be replaced with (adult) Raki from Claymore ( Image ) but he doesn't need to be distinguishable. (Feel free to keep his head out of the frame.) [img id="ca0b92d14c198162caad0b898cf1ed2c"]
Added: 2018-07-31 10:10:26
Anime/Manga: Bleach Character: Tier Harribel (Base, unreleased form: Image ) Specifics: -Someone (random anon) is jerking off and cumming into the space between her face and her mask. -No full-body shot, just her face and upper torso. -The dude only needs to consist of a dick and the hand jerking it, no body. -No background. -Name yo price, yo~
Added: 2018-07-24 18:50:49
Commission for Neeba as discussed, nobody else needs to apply as the artist has been decided. A version of this reference: External featuring Tsunade Senju and Mei Terumi from Naruto. Mei on the left, Tsunade on the right being branded. Their expressions should be roughly the same as the reference, including the tears. They should both sport various scratches and battle damage to show that they were only recently defeated and subdued in battle. They should be wearing more of their clothes than the reference but still torn to fully expose their breasts, asses and pussies for usage. The details of the torn clothes beyond that, I leave up to the artist. The orc and tauren should be changed to black anons with more normal human proportions and the horde symbol should be made into the Hidden Cloud symbol instead.
Added: 2018-04-23 19:58:47
A version of this reference: Image with Tsunade, Raikage Ay and Jiraiya from Naruto. Tsunade has a queen of spades tattoo (Reference: Image ) in her cleavage as well as on her pelvis. Also her breasts are larger than in the reference, and she's topless but wearing black panties. She has the key to Jiraiya's chastity cage in a necklace around her neck, the key resting somewhere around her cleavage. There's a large puddle of sperm in the hand that's grasping Jiraiya by the cage.
Added: 2018-04-23 19:54:51
Title: The Wife(?) Finds Out (TenLee) A version of this reference: Image but with Tenten and Rock Lee from Naruto. (Random anon black dude.) Shippuuden Versions. Make Lee's erection twice as small but keep the phimosis please. Tenten is looking at Lee's penis with annoyance instead of smiling at the camera.
Added: 2018-04-12 13:53:56
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Title: The Wife Finds Out (InoSai) A version of this reference: Image but with Yamanaka Ino and Sai from Naruto. (Random anon black dude.) Shippuuden versions. Ino's expression should be changed so she simply looks utterly unimpressed and disappointed with her boyfriend's size, but keep the hand gesture please.
Added: 2018-04-12 13:50:38
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Title: Phasma's Demotion A pic with Captain Phasma from Star Wars. She's wearing her typical helmet and armor but broken in places to expose her breasts and pussy. Her hands are tied behind her back and she's made to kneel so her head is at cock-level. Someone's written the word "CUMBUCKET" on her helmet as an additional layer of humiliation. Two anons have shoved their cocks up into her helmet from below and are rubbing them between her face and the insides of the helmet. There are lots of trails of sperm pouring down from under the helmet and onto her chest and body to show that they're not the first guys who've done this. Please feel free to make the sperm as gooey and slimy as possible.
Added: 2018-04-07 05:46:39
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Title: The Famous Hyuuga Sisters, Conquered! A version of this reference: Image but with Hyuuga Hinata and Hyuuga Hanabi from Boruto: Next Generations. Hinata on the left and Hanabi on the right, both with roughly the same expressions as the reference. Preferably set somewhere outside and public in Konoha, but backgrounds are optional.
Added: 2018-04-06 17:19:19
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A version of this reference: Image but with Gaara (Reference: External ), Yukata (Reference: Image ), Matsuri (Reference: External ), Sari (Reference: Image ) and the Raikage Ay (Reference: Image ) from Naruto. Gaara in place of the white guy with a tiny penis, Yukata in place of the girl, Raikage in place of the black guy. (Please add a pink bow around the base of Gaara's tiny penis, and make the black cock slightly thicker than the reference.) Sari is crouching in front of the Raikage's legs and kissing the tip of his cock while fingering herself, Matsuri is hugging the Raikage from behind and holding his cock farther out on the shaft than Yukata is. Yukata has the words "BBC ONLY" tattooed above her pussy. All three girls have a queen of spades tattoo in their cleavage somewhere that leaves it visible through shirts with decent cleavage. (If the angle doesn't leave them visible then don't bother trying to include it.) All the girls look very happy.
Added: 2018-04-03 14:50:39
Title: "Learning Humility" Soi Fong from Bleach doing Dogeza like this but with a furious expression on her face and tears in her eyes: Image in front of Omaeda Marechiyo from Bleach, including a pile of folded clothes. She's saying "I-I apologize from the bottom of my heart for having been such a cunt..." Omaeda meanwhile is being jerked off by Yoruichi and cumming inside the finger part of Soi Fong's shikai. The part itself is already filled to the brim with sperm. (Reference: Image ) Then, a mini-panel of Soi Fond being made to drink some sperm from her shikai by Yoruichi. Finally, a mini-panel of Soi Fong being made to put her shikai on with a disgusted look on her face while saying "T-Thank you very much sir!" How much of Omaeda and Yoruichi is visible, I will leave entirely up to the artist as long as at least the following is visible: Omaeda's cock ejaculating into Soi Fong's shikai. Yoruichi's hand jerking him off.
Added: 2018-04-03 00:32:36
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A version of this reference: Image but with Tayuya (Reference Image ), Kin (Reference: External ), Temari (Reference: Image ) and Shikamaru (Reference: Image ) from Naruto. Shikamaru's penis should be much smaller than the reference and he's feeling terribly humiliated. It doesn't matter which naruto girl replaces which girl from the reference as long as they're included. The girls are wearing swimsuits but I leave it entirely up to the artist what they look like. Go crazy if you want, or just take it easy and copy the reference. Whatever's fine as long as they're in swimsuits. The expressions don't necessarily have to be the same so long as you keep them in the spirit of "laughing at his dick" and/or "disgusted by his tiny size." No background is necessary but I'd very much appreciate it if you include it.
Added: 2018-03-27 11:59:45