Wendy and Mavis
2018-03-27 10:07:42
A single panel version of this image: Image featuring Mavis Vermillion and Wendy Marvell from Fairy Tail instead. Mavis on the bottom like the girl in the reference. Wendy is being held up in a reverse-nelson ( Image ) semi-off-screen, but she's not being penetrated. Rather, the man is rubbing her pussy back and forth along the shaft of his cock. Mavis and the cock is positively dripping with Wendy's juices, and there should be a glob of sperm oozing from the tip of the cock. Wendy is wearing this outfit: External but it's pulled up over her hips and pulled down below her breasts. Please include as much as possible of Wendy, but the man needs basically no consideration. Only include whatever's necessary of him. If Wendy's head can be fit into view then I'd like her to be blushing fiercely and have a look of being overwhelmed with both pleasure and embarrassment. (Not Ahegao, that would be too much) The most important part is fitting in the view from the reference in the image, how much of Wendy gets included beyond her hip-area and pussy pressing against the cock, I will leave up to the Artist to decide for themself how much they're willing to do.
After Kage Meeting
2018-04-03 14:50:39
A version of this reference: Image but with Gaara (Reference: External ), Yukata (Reference: Image ), Matsuri (Reference: External ), Sari (Reference: Image ) and the Raikage Ay (Reference: Image ) from Naruto. Gaara in place of the white guy with a tiny penis, Yukata in place of the girl, Raikage in place of the black guy. (Please add a pink bow around the base of Gaara's tiny penis, and make the black cock slightly thicker than the reference.) Sari is crouching in front of the Raikage's legs and kissing the tip of his cock while fingering herself, Matsuri is hugging the Raikage from behind and holding his cock farther out on the shaft than Yukata is. Yukata has the words "BBC ONLY" tattooed above her pussy. All three girls have a queen of spades tattoo in their cleavage somewhere that leaves it visible through shirts with decent cleavage. (If the angle doesn't leave them visible then don't bother trying to include it.) All the girls look very happy.
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