Feral Fuck
2017-08-07 08:30:39
Title: Feral Fuck Characters: Naruto Uzumaki (Four Tailed State) & Tayuya (Curse Seal Level 2) Naruto is in his Four Tailed State, fucking a fully naked Tayuya, in her Curse Seal Level 2 Form, from behind in a Standing Doggystyle. Naruto is grabbing Tayuya’s horns from behind with his hands, while he has two of his tails wrapped around her breasts. Tayuya is sporting a flushed drooling slutty ahegao face. Also, her eyes are void of any logic or reasoning, instead their filled with nothing but lust, pleasure and ecstasy. Finally, there is a panel showing Naruto’s dick pounding into Tayuya’s sopping wet pussy from behind. Location: Forest, with Tayuya’s hands on the trunk of a tree.
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