A Magical Reunion
2017-04-26 02:19:57
A magical reunion. Emma and Vita from Trails of cold steel are in a tight embrace as they both get pounded by cocks
Sara Paizuri
2017-12-22 00:30:52
Sara Valentstein from Trails of Cold Steel giving a hot paizuri session to a lucky guy.
Laura and Fie
2018-01-28 21:25:39
Trails of Cold Steel Fie Image (right in reference) is lying on her back with both legs are spread sideways and on the ground. Laura (left in reference) is giving Fie oral sex. Fie is wet from the simulation and saliva. Their hands are together on one side. Laura's other hand is grabbing Fie's chest and Fie's other hand is on top of Laura's other hand. fie's expression is similar to the white haired girl's in External with more blush Both are nude. The location is Laura's room. 1:17 - 2:23 External
Alisa and Sharon
2018-02-10 09:06:01
Alisa External from Trails of Cold Steel is lying on her back. Sharon External is scissoring her. Alisa is having an orgasm and Sharon is smiling at her. Sharon has one hand on Alisa's cheek with the other grabbing Alisa's chest. Both of Alisa's hands are on Sharon's hips.
Legend of Heroes Alisa Route
2017-11-08 01:55:07
Alisa Reinford and Rean Schwarzer (Trails of Cold Steel) Rean and Alisa, both naked, are having sex in this position: External An X-ray panel shows Rean cumming inside Alisa's pussy, and enough cum is flowing out of her and pooling on the bed to show that they've been at it for several rounds already.
The Witching Hour
2017-04-17 07:52:14
Emma Millstein from Trails of Cold Steel, riding a lucky guys cock, as her big breasts bounce, glasses still on
CSIII Emma Alisa
2017-10-13 02:55:13
Trails of Cold Steel 3: Emma Millstein and Alisa Reinford looking towards the screen their bare breasts pressed against one another as they're both blushing. Something like this scene External (Only their tops are down/unzipped)
Cold Steel  Extracurricular Activities 1
2018-03-03 22:42:17
Alisa Reinford & Rean Schwarzer (Trails of Cold Steel) Extracurricular Activities (Part 1): After class, Rean and Alisa meet behind the academy storehouse to have some fun. External This should be using the CS1/2 character designs, not CS3. Rean is wearing his normal school uniform. External Alisa is wearing her lacrosse uniform, minus the gloves. External Image Other than what's described, they can lose clothes as necessary or convenient for what they're doing, but if you decide to draw Rean without his shirt, don't forget the scar on his chest: External PM me if you need/want additional references. Panel 1: Rean is standing behind/to the side of Alisa, kissing her. Her top and bra are pulled up, exposing her breasts. Her shorts and panties are pulled down, and she's holding up her skirt, exposing her pussy. Rean is fondling her breast with one hand and fingering her pussy with the other. Kind of like this: External Panel 2: Alisa is giving Rean a blowjob. She's holding the shaft of his cock with one hand and fingering her dripping pussy with the other. Rean is gently stroking the top of Alisa's head with one hand, and he's cumming inside Alisa's mouth. Similar to these: External External Panel 3: Rean is fucking Alisa doggystyle. He's leaning over her to kiss her while he fondles her tits and cums inside her overflowing pussy. Something like these: External External
Laura and Fie
2018-01-05 17:30:00
Trails of Cold Steel Laura and Fie Image (Laura is on the left in the reference) are kissing like this External Both are nude. Fie is against the wall. Her legs are relaxed and resting on the ground. Fie's left hand is on Laura's right shoulder. Laura's right hand on the ground and her left is rubbing Fie's clit. Laura's fingers are wet from Fie's fluids. The location is here Image
Embrace at Hot springs
2017-04-20 13:09:07
Laura and Fie Laura and Fie from Trails of Cold Steel in a hotspring, in a close embrace as Fie is rubbing Laura's breasts while they kiss and Lauras hands are going for Fie's crotch