Bleach Halloween Collab! Hi everyone! I felt that I might as well do one last Halloween Commission this time featuring our favorite babes from Bleach! This time with the help of other members of the Whentai Community! TheQueenZelda has been generous to be the artist for this collab! So to make things short, if you’d like to help out it is a 100 votes per girl. So post a Bleach girl below in the comments, first come first serve, so don’t pick one already chosen, a costume for them to wear, any kind of Halloween costume is fine, and the pose you’d like them in, no more than two anons to make it easier on the artist. Some rules QueenZelda has is that they will only pair Rukia with Ichigo, and they will not draw Yuri, Yaoi, or Futa. Don’t forget to add your 100 votes per girl, anything else will be considered as a generous tip to the artist. I’ll go first as to set the example: I’d like Soifon wearing her costume from Brave Souls (Image ) and posed like this (Image ) I also want to see Franceska Mila Rose wearing this outfit (Image ) and fucked anally like this (Image ).
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Cana (fairy tail ) is a succubus . She has tiny wings, and very small top and very small underwear . Her top is pulled down exposing her boobs. Her underwear is pulled to the side while she is getting fucked by a massive cock (pov) spreading her pussy lips wide . Have her doing something sexy with her tail too. Cum is leaking from her pussy in a huge puddle .
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Princess Lotte from dorei maid princess anime laying on bed showing off her feet.
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