Wild & Exotic Beach Combos: While taking a break from fighting, the girls decide that there are better things to do than get their hair wet; Tira (Soul Calibur V) smiling sadistically while riding a guy in the splits position with her legs held in the air as he cums inside her pussy, Zafina's (Tekken 6) blushing while getting spitroasted by two guys, Pullum Purna (Street Fighter Ex) banged in the piledriver position anally and Mila (Dead Or Alive 5) gets banged doggystyle; all of the girls have satisfied looks and their bikinis are pulled to the side/off revealing their big boobs/asses and curves
Added: 2016-02-17 17:44:17
A sex contest between Chun li and Mai shiranui. Chun: Image Mai: Image We will see each of them on a man (position below) lightly clothed. Chun will be wearing stockings like this for exemple, one will be down on her legs like "got fucked too many times" : ?user with heels. And Mai this kind of knnee-up but only on one leg, the leg who rises, bare foot (see positon) Elizabeth_and_Meliodas Chun's should have good thight, nothing huge nor monstruous, can take exemple on the in-game screen. They have same boobs size, big enough. Chun's face will be looking at Mai smiling with a winning expression, while Mai will respond with a "not over yet" exhausted/angry face. Preference for them to be near each other. Position: External Chun will be in something like this, the cowgirl bottom view, wich will not allow to see the man, (but who cares ?) but will see he did cum. for Mai, something like this: External but a bit more on the side with one of her leg up, pin-up style. No back required, just a little leaderbord on a corner giving the number of man made cum, Chun would have one more. I don't know if it's possible to make it a private commission. If need more details just ask.
Added: 2016-07-13 17:14:47
Street Fighter V - At The Top of Her Game: 1st - While visiting the beach, Laura Matsuda kneels on the sand while wearing a green semi-transparent micro bikini revealing her erect nipples and some pubic hair (behind her are a few silhouettes of people). To her right, there's a guy, whose lower torso (very light skin) is visible, lying on the ground with a huge boner inside his swim-trunks; Laura's winking at him like in the game, with one arm behind her head and the other inviting him with her finger like this - Image ; 2nd - Laura Matsuda lying on the beach as the light-skinned guy bangs her in the Viennese oyster position like this - External Laura has bikini top and bottom pulled to the side exposing her large breasts and slightly hairy pussy. Laura's also biting her lower lip due to the excitement of having sex in public
Added: 2015-12-02 21:54:17
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[img id="3a4f4fefafb1b4288d03ec5b4e0deff5"] My OC, attached, and Poi from Street Fighter with the position up to Kojack.
Added: 2018-04-22 01:39:06
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So this scene will be split in three different panels. I'm going to describe each panel and how I want things to play out. The first Panel it will go like this. Ibuki has her legs apart as Guy goes at it missionary style in the bath tub. Her facial expression should match the first picture and as for Guy give him a serious facial look while showing his teeth grit a little as he is pounding her. Both of them should be covered in bath water as they are doing it. The second panel shows Ibuki being done from behind as she lays down being pounded away while Guy goes at it. Guy's face should look like the fifth picture I attached. As for Ibuki, her face should be exactly like the fourth picture. Also, give Ibuki a nice round behind, exactly how it's shown from the fourth picture. The third and last panel will end with Guy blowing his load all over Ibuki's face, chest, and stomach as it is shown in the last image. Her expression should be that of exhaustion and fatigue as her time with Guy was very intense. Try and match exactly what is shown in the last image. [img id="cb9305db2fdf055e39ee8e615c50fe24"] [img id="12f15d1d57c086c73c830276788c974f"] [img id="d2905807f44ea9c477ad297a561f1d5d"] [img id="de8692760dc2278641c9ce38a7ab1336"] [img id="fcc7017a12a54beb27da68809626648f"] [img id="f7f0a238fb2d5a56c7a2a8be8609d44d"]
Added: 2018-09-21 17:34:50
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