In one room there are two bed, in one bed there are Tier Harribel and Isane Kotetsu that are rubbing their pussies, like this External (Harribel on the left, Isane on the right; you must rotate a bit the Harribel's position to show her pussy and both her boobs) a bit of fluid must come out from the pussies, Harribel must have red stockings, Isane must have sexy lingerie (however boobs and pussy must be visible); facial expression: Harribel must be excited, for Isane I want the same expression of the girl of the image I've posted (External the girl on the right) In the second bed there are Retsu Unohana and Franceska Mila Rose that are rubbing their pussies like this External (Unohana on the left, Mila Rose on the right) a bit of fluid must come out from the pussies, Unohana must have light brown stockings with suspender belt, traditional hair; MIla Rose must have the same clothes of the image "Now It’s My Turn Bro" of ,including the boots, but Mila Rose's pussy and boobs must be visible;facial expression: Unohana and Mila Rose must be excited.Title: "Exchange of subordinates"
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Tier Harribel doggy style pic
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Tier Harribel in a pov cowgirl fuck
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Bleach Halloween Collab! Hi everyone! I felt that I might as well do one last Halloween Commission this time featuring our favorite babes from Bleach! This time with the help of other members of the Whentai Community! TheQueenZelda has been generous to be the artist for this collab! So to make things short, if you’d like to help out it is a 100 votes per girl. So post a Bleach girl below in the comments, first come first serve, so don’t pick one already chosen, a costume for them to wear, any kind of Halloween costume is fine, and the pose you’d like them in, no more than two anons to make it easier on the artist. Some rules QueenZelda has is that they will only pair Rukia with Ichigo, and they will not draw Yuri, Yaoi, or Futa. Don’t forget to add your 100 votes per girl, anything else will be considered as a generous tip to the artist. I’ll go first as to set the example: I’d like Soifon wearing her costume from Brave Souls (Image ) and posed like this (Image ) I also want to see Franceska Mila Rose wearing this outfit (Image ) and fucked anally like this (Image ).
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Hellooo~ [Bleach] Harribel and her fraccions, after a visit from Ichigo. Room is empty except for a massive bed. POV is Ichigo's as he leaves the room (all girls are facing him). All girls are sweaty and blushing, barely conscious. Left side: Mila-Rose lying on her back on the bed, feet off the bed and legs spread. Her ass is gaping and leaking cum, which cascades off the bed and pools at her feet. Some cum on her body, her pussy glistering from her own juices. Right side: Sung-Sung lying on her back on the bed, with her head off the bed and her hair pooling on the floor. Her mouth is open wide, tongue lolling out, as cum and drool runs all over her face and drips down to the floor. Middle: Harribel, held in the air in full nelson by ropes from the ceiling. She's covered in cum, her own juices covering her nether regions. Both her pussy and ass are gaping and leaking cum on top of Apacci, who is on the floor sitting against the bed. Her legs are spread to display her gaping pussy and the cum pooling below it.
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