Submissive Princess
2018-04-09 14:42:04
Princess Diana from fencer of menarvia Barefoot in her slave clothes in a submissive position showing off her feet.
Princess in chamber
2017-09-30 19:20:12
Princess Diana from fencer of menarvia barefoot laying on bed doing a sexy pose
Princess Serving Her Master
2018-05-07 16:04:41
Princess Diana from fencer of menarvia Barefoot teasing her master with her feet
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Diana at the Beach
2018-03-18 06:42:32
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Princess in bed
2017-12-04 01:49:14
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No more pain
2018-05-12 06:54:50
After a while as king, Sho began to reveal a darker side to him. His ego, inflated by his new found power, was insatiable and he began to lust for more from his slave queen. Unsatisfied by her constant praise and obedience. Sho began to force Diana into more depraved and desperate acts of pain and submission, constantly attempting to test her devotion to him. As hard as she tried, she could never meet her masters unreasonable expectations. Soon Sho began to take his anger out on Diana for her inability to satisfy him, locking her deep within the castle dungeon for days, whipping her out of consciousness, curl violent rape, nothing was off limits. One day while being punished especially cruelly, the door to her cellar is kicked open by a mysterious man and a fight commences between him and Sho. Throw wounded the strange man is victorious and proceeds to rescue Diana, taking her to safety. Scene: Diana is naked and barefoot her body is covered in lite whip marks with bandages around her wrists, ankles and neck. her pussy is red from being raped so much. Tears running down her face. She is bing comforted and embraced by her savior on bed.