Erza  Roberta and Yoruichi version 5
2016-09-21 13:29:24
Following up on Erza, Roberta and Yoruichi version 4 (Erza__Roberta_and_Yoruichi_version_4 ) --> exact same outfits, same bg. Panel 1 --> Face view of seated Boa Hancock fucking Yoruichi in the ass with her leopard strapon like this Image or this Image , but she is holding Yoruichi's legs so we have a full view on Yoruichi's wrinkled soles, kinda like this : Natsu_Dragneel_x_Brandish_ %CE%BC or this External . Boa is licking Yoruichi nipple. Yoruichi is pouring a glass of milk on her pussy, and Roberta and Erza are licking the milk on the strapon along with Yoruichi's asshole. Panel 2 --> Boa is fucking Erza in piledriver pose exactly like this : cdn.pornpics.com/pics/2015-09-13/192533_06big.jpg. Yoruichi is on the left gagging on Erza's toes and Roberta is on the right licking her sole. Behind, we can see Kanu Unchou (from Ikkitousen - Image ; Image ) in a leopard outfit + strapon (it can be same outfit than Hancock or a variation, your choice). She's grabbing her tits like in the scene reference. Panel 3 --> Boa Hancock and Kanu Unchou are taking Roberta in spitroast like this : Image . Hancock has her two hands on Roberta's head pulling her onto the strapon. Kanu is behing grabbing Roberta's ass and fucking her deep
TOFUK and Gangs Whentai Sailor Scouts 3
2016-12-03 18:07:05
TOFUK and Gangs Whentai Sailor Scouts #3 Blow/Tit/Ball/Handjob Special! As other crowdfunds that I have done before the idea is based on the two previous Sailor Scouts ideas done by Kantarella (Whentais_Sailor_Scouts_2 and Halloween_Sailor_collaboration ) but we're giving the option to others too this time!. You choose a sailor scout uniform (PLEASE MAKE SURE ITS A DIFFERENT SCOUT, FIRST COME FIRST SERVE) and any anime character of your choice and choose the 'single' sex act (handjob, tifuck, blowjob, ballplay, ballsuck etc) they perform on the evil demons! The girls will be busts and above for the artists convenience and can be done as a single or panelised as they wish. MAJOR WARNING: Each contributor MUST cast 50 votes to have their girl done, anything less will be declined and your votes will be considered as a tip to the chosen artist. Lets make this interesting and see how far we can go! SAILOR MOON ERZA (fairy tail and please base the clothing/pendant as Kanta did above) eagerly jerks a demons cock and makes it cum over her exposed breasts,
Ryomou Shimei ass
2016-12-04 16:55:22
Ryomou Shimei (Ikkitousen) wearing (Image ) doing something lewd (no oral) while getting filmed/recorded by others.
Hakufu ikkitousen
2015-09-01 21:06:45
Hakufu (ikkitousen) is reverse cowgirl anal fucked by a faceless random, her legs are held under her knees. Clothing is torn appropriately (school uniform), she's moaning. External
Outside Analingus
2016-02-06 07:36:29
Hikage (Senran Kagura) & Ryofu Housen (Ikkitousen). Both are outdoors and fully naked. Housen is standing and bending over with one arm against a tree while rubbing her vagina/clitoris with the other. Give Housen a perverted smile (half-open eyes). Hikage is spreading open one/both of Housen's ass cheeks and licking her anus. Hikage's expression is up to you. Please make sure we get a view of both girls' entire bodies. No oversized boobs (both already have big boobs, just don't make them significantly bigger, lol), no oversized hips/butts and the likes. Do your best sticking to their original proportions and measurements. Lastly, I'm not super picky about it, but the bigger size of the picture, the better.
Sexy Kanu Unchou Bukkake
2015-09-03 21:16:30
Kanu Unchou (Ikkitousen) in a messy bukkake, school uniform torn, mouth open willingly receiving.