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Teen bulma (bunny suit version) riding on top of random guy in reverse cowgirl position. Straight on shot of bulma so guy isn't really that visible, but guy has his hands on her waist similar to this image (plz reference the general pose/expression, not art style: (External ). Second panel Bulma is getting doggy style with a POV view like: (External ). Please draw her figure on the skinnier side like in the anime/manga (boobs can be a little larger though, but with normal nipples. References on hair/costume for bunny suit version: (External ). Bulma should be fully nude except for neck/wrist collars.
bleach Yoruichi in this position Image but she has a sexy dominant expression like her eyes are going to eat you that sort of look. She is still grabbing the same boob as in the ref picture just make it so can see the nipple.
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