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The Idea would involve Nico Robin and would be animated in a swf. She has her post skip design, be it the hair and whiter skin.She isn't wearing her glasses. Here's a picture of post skip Robin that could be reference for the face/hairs (but a more normal ear) : External She is wearing the dress she wore on Punk Hazard : Image Here is a resembling Nico Robin on this website (face-wise) : Naruto_fuck_Nico_Robin_in_library_Robin_ride_on_naruto_while_she_is_reading_book_Her_face_all_red_and_she_enjoy_it The scene is a POV scene.We are sleeping and when we open our eyes Nico is here (we assume she sneaked under the blanket by the side where out feet are).We are on a ship and the bed is in the corner of the room so only brown walls everywhere would be enough, with just on the left side a round window that shows a blue sky.The scene is in daytime probably in the morning.The blanket color is orange/brownish and sheets are white Now for Robin's position.Here is a rough example ( this isn't true pov so beware) : Image But there are differences.The blanket isn't on her head.No, it doesn't cover her head at all nor her shoulders.It is covering her back and everything behind it.Her head and arms will be visible. She is lying on the bed and our legs aren't very spread apart, and so as her body is lying between our legs, her arms are kind of taking support on our very lower hips (around the penis region).Her head is almost exactly above our penis that is hidden by our pants, just a little bit (few centimetres) on the left and back (so on our right from pov perspective).We can see parts of her dress (see the earlier reference) around the breast region.Her breasts are kinda flattened by the region around where our balls ends, because of the lack of space between our own legs for them to rest.We don't see any nipple obviously because of the dress, just her cleavage but we can imagine that she is packing some serious breast size.Like at least Tsunade level for reference. Contact me for more information about her initial position. So it is a POV and from the bits we see from the guy, he would probably be an average 175/180cm and isn't muscular.He isn't hairy. She is looking at us with this kind of expression (like serious and candid at the same time) : External Her eyes then begin to look at the penis region.We are wearing blue pants.What she sees is a massing boner hidden by the pants. Now where the animation starts.I am not sure what is the more convenient, but if we imagine the pants has some kind of zip it might be easier.With her left or right arm (doesn't matter), she would unzip the pants and the Penis would come flying out and hit her face close to her right eye then take it's final position just a little bit in front of her nose/right eye (on our left from pov perspective).In case you show some skin down there, there is no pubic hair at all. Now Robin is blushing. This is an uncut Penis.So the tip is almost fully covered. What happens is that she grabs it with her right arm and pulls the skin part covering the tip down, as to pull back the foreskin Here is an example : External / See the skin moving.Maybe some seminal liquid are showing.She does it slowly. Now her eyes are watching at us again and she stopped blushing.And next, with her right arm still on the penis, she gives a gentle lick, from down to up. She is as gentle has possible, as slow as you can manage it. And this would be the end.Now I am no expert, far from it, but wonder if it will be possible to use the animation where she pulls back to foreskin and at the end have it start again but loop by reversing the two movements to make it seem like an handjob? And looping the licking animation too the same way, and the eyes too so they switch from the penis region to our eyes? If possible this should be done. Now do not forget it is in pov, the camera never switches position (zooms aren't needed I think) and proportions should be as good as possible (not some weird small head).The largest resolution possible would be appreciated too.
Nico Robin POV Arts by:  mishki mishki Idea by: Klauser57 Added: 2017-05-10 04:18:40
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Character is Shigure Kosaka. Here is an ok image of here : Image Only difference would be that her hair are blacker, and not purple-ish like she usually is. So for the idea, it would basically be in 3 panels, because it happens in a photobooth.Basically we will see the scene from the frame of the photobooth. So we will only see Shigure's head and some parts below her neck, as is she was sitting on the chair inside the booth, facing the front.But there is a man on her right side.We will only be able to see some parts of his jean (black) and let's say he wears some grey cardigan with a blue shirt. Now what happens, is that on the first panel we can see his jean's zipper is open and his penis is out.Important: the penis is flaccid and NOT circumcised.It is big.Here as a reference size wise for a flaccid penis : External So Shigure has her head facing the front of the booth, with her usual expression (she is stoic, not showing emotions).Her eyes are a little to the left, on the penis direction. So now on to the second panel : it is now a deepthroat.Shigure is still facing where the camera is, but ther head just a little to the right now with the penis all inside her.Maybe some throat deformation.She has normal eyes still, like always.Just a little blush.No agehao eyes please, normal eyes still (in her not so expressive style) .Her eyes are into the camera direction this time. Now on the last panel, she is facing the front exactly like in the first panel, but with eyes in the camera direction (like in the second panel, eyes facing the camera like when we do it when taking an identity picture).But the penis of the man, this time, is laying on her head.If you don't get what I mean please ask me in private message.There is cum everywhere (save a version without cum).It is big, and flaccid again, its going to the other side of the head. Now, Like I said, the man is clothed.Sometimes I ask for clothes, and I get naked or jean only and no shirt...No no no, I want fully clothed with penis only showing out of zipper.It a penis from a white male. Sometimes people try hard to have the girl resembling the original character.It is good of course, but it gives issues when it is close but they forgot to work on the cuteness of the face.It should be close to original but don't forget that the girl has to be beautiful too. Here is some pic that maybe can help, even though not so related : Image
Shigure giving up to the BWC Arts by: EdJimEdJim Idea by: Klauser57 Added: 2016-11-02 00:15:56
Character : Nico Robin Don't hesitate to contact me for more information because I couldn't find any really good picture to explain this request. To set up the context, the scene happens in Punk Hazard.To go to the fire side of the Island Nami makes a milky road, like this : External / And they use a mini-merry to ride it : External / And so the scene happens on that small boat while they are riding the milky road to the island. So basically, it is in POV view.You are sitting on the boat and Robin is sitting on your laps.But not opposite view, her front is facing your front. Her legs are kinda each touching your hips, not spread apart. It is in POV, but we will assume your back is far enough back to see her whole body.The man isn't lying down but sitting, this is why I can't find a good example pic because they always draw that kinda pov with the man on his back. Anyway, she is sitting on the man and she has a dress (description later).So her panties are visible, and reveals a very huge camel-toe.The man wears a Jean, and her pussy is in direct contact with the groin region, that shows a Huge bulge.Basically, the bulge is in direct contact with her lips hidden by her panties, and seem to enter them, spreading her pussy lips apart. Her left arm is completely loose, not doing anything. Her right arm has a soda in it with a straw.The soda design is your decision. Now, I would like a variation of it.If you tell me it is too hard to do, I'll just go for this very variation and ignore the other. The variation has 2 changes : She was wearing a dress, but now her left Tit is hanging out of that dress. The second change is in the groin region.Let's say that the zipper of your Jean is down and your penis entered her, but actually 95% of what we would see is just thick, very thick cum down there.Her panties might be a little pulled to the side, but I do think that with enough Cum you might not notice it. Would be good to have cum actually everywhere else on her body, face, hairs, etc...Messy. But well, I might be asking for too much.In case, you can save different advancement of your templates to send me because for example one variation could only have the tit out and no cum, etc... Now about her face, body and dress. I want her to seem very curvy (not fat, just very curvy). Here is an older commission of mine that shows you the dress she is wearing AND the kind of boob size I am wanting (need good sized areola) : External / Mind you, she doesn't wear this green sweater and her panties should most likely be red and not black because camel-toe must be harder to show with black I guess? Now, for her face.Black hairs and green eyes.Just draw her as close as the original as you can.Here is a commissioned one from Mishky that did the face well : External / She does actually wear her glasses, like this on her forehead : Image Her face expression is kinda neutral, not slutty in any way.She is looking were your eyes would be.On the second variation give her a slight blush. I guess she has a very slight smile (very slight) while looking neutral, and her eyes probably are a bit looking down as her head would be above yours in that position. Well, as for a background, it might be too much to ask.I mean, in the back you probably see the milky road advancing in the skies (just look the first 2 pictures I posted for an idea of what a background would look like here).
 Nico Robin enjoying the trip Arts by: EdJimEdJim Idea by: Klauser57 Added: 2016-06-01 17:03:33
So the Idea would require 2 separate pictures but with the same background.2 Drawings of Nico Robin. To begin with, it is in POV view on their ship.You are sitting in a stair on the ship.See the red dot. Image So we are sitting where I put the red dot (middle, down if you missed it).The picture gives you a general idea of how the ship will look from where we are sitting, watching straight in front of us.But we only need to have the feeling of being present on a ship, so minimal efforts must be put on the background.It is a sunny day, some clouds are seen. About Nico Robin, she is clothed with her Enies Lobby dark dress and boots. External / External / External / External / But there are two little differences : The boots, they don't go as far up.They stop at around middle knees. And secondly, see the white tissue (with blue stripes) between the end of the dress and the boots.Remove it. But she doesn't have her pre-skip design.No, she has her post skip design, with the glasses, hair and whiter skin. Here's a picture of post skip Robin that could be reference for the face/hairs (but eyes a bit greener) : External Here is a resembling Nico Robin on this website (face-wise) : Naruto_fuck_Nico_Robin_in_library_Robin_ride_on_naruto_while_she_is_reading_book_Her_face_all_red_and_she_enjoy_it I had like a Robin that looks like Robin from One Piece and not a Robin that got appropriated by someone else's style.Excuse me if I sound too mean!! And so, on to the first pose.See the reference picture (extremely important) : External I would want a similar pose.Her left arm would not be up but posing on her waist and will not hide her face nor left breast.Notice on the left brace you can easily imagine the tip of her nipple.Do the same.The Breast size should look bigger that on the reference pic, maybe 16 to 17.5% bigger (don't go overkill) and be a little less "floaty", as it falls down a little bit more. She looks at your direction all the same, with a similar expression of "now you're looking" but she must not look slutty by any means.Her glasses are pulled up near her front. Now the main treat.Her ass.It is in a similar pose than the picture.The black dress actually stops higher, just 1 or 2 centimetres into where her pants begin.The pants is similar but red and don't have those irregularities on to the two sides (pm me if you don't get what I mean). We can see between her legs what would be her pussy lips.I had like them to be clearer, like a camel toe.I imagine she has some huge pussy lips that are hardly contained and you can tell by looking. The circumference of her legs are kinda similar.Overall she is a little bit more curvy (like 5 to 10% more), be it the legs (please don't do chicken legs this would ruin everything) or the ass.But everything must be in harmony with the rest of her body, I don't want some Nikki Minaj or Brazlilian's fake and horrible ass. Remember this a POV, and she is maybe at 50 centimetres away from you, just a little little bit on your left.You can barely see the end of her boots..or more boots maybe? (I guess, I have a bad idea of space and perception so try your best). Now the second pose (in a second CG). This is the continuation, so it is exactly the same background, same Robin, same position of the guy sitting on that golden chair. This time, she is right in front of you, and not a little bit on your left. And she pulled her panties down, just 1 or 2 centimetres higher from where the boots begin to show.Her two hands are each on the side doing the pulling and you can see it. Now , I couldn't find the perfect picture, but watch the positioning of her back here : External The positioning is kind of similar, but she isn't as much forward.So, as it is a pov, and she is like 40 centimetres away this time right in front of your eyes, in the exact middle, you can still see her back higher than the ass, just a bit.Her head is looking at you from her righten side (so right side of the pic).You clearly see her mouth, right eye and even left eye looking straight at you with a blush and an expression similar to the first picture.She is easily recognizable even from that position.Her glasses are still pulled up near her front.She still doesn't look slutty. The dress do stop, again, where the ass begin.It is a meaty ass (do not forget Nico Robin is a 188cm female).I don't have the exact reference with a similar position, but on a volume level (ass+legs), something like that can do : External Finally, to the pussy.Here is what I had like the pussy and her little hole to look like, kinda (loli alert, please only take attention to the pussy and hole of the girl on the right) : External So Robin as a big girl is close from us so really those are really big pussy lips right in front of us.Drawn in a similar manner than the last picture.The panties do not hide the absolute lower end of the pussy, it is lower than it.Important, she has no vaginal hair, it is completely clean. I absolutely do not want a horribly drawn pussy.Look at this : External # What is this?This is shit, a smelly piece of shit art with horrible drawn pussy.I want huge lips similar to the reference pic posted earlier. Now to finish, about the size of the 2 pics.I am very short-sighted and if possible it would be nice to do your best to draw in the biggest resolution you can.I have no idea how big, but nothing under 1600x1600 (for example) would be more than appreciated.
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