Please draw nude Sol Marron, this body and pose [img id="fd966eaf015954dc61fda82c3d3d7e41"] [img id="ea5043a366059f466f6b7f6280011d4d"]
Added: 2019-09-12 06:22:57
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Please draw in color neked Sol Marron(black cover) External sperm ass this pose Image And Charlotte Roselei(black cover) External dick rub pussy, this pose Image
Serie: Black Clover Characters: Charlotte Roselei (1-2-3), Sol Marron (4-5) Title: Blue Rose Company On the image, we have: - To the left, I would like it to be Charlotte X Yami (6), if possible, with the position of image 7. Two are naked and Charlotte wears her blue cape (3). Charlotte’s face shows she takes a lot of pleasure in it. - To the right, It's Sol X Finral (8) with the position of image 9. Two are naked and Sol wears her small blue cape (4). Sol's facial expression is similar to that of image 5. Thanks. [img id="2798059bdc528e82e15fedc2a1042266"] [img id="dd7785f027442a66059c0dcb71e01769"] [img id="61446f313436ed8261df8d92c159bed3"] [img id="4e7aa4e9f8632af37b6f4dea8ac32438"] [img id="55b8685f66f4da158af6a979dcff1a3f"] [img id="e96eec00c522823129d818571423b6bf"] [img id="1ce34ad7cc27d53e9863086cac1a720d"] [img id="431af816d0ab16f5b1f9600413b5fb37"] [img id="c20eb40115a66f6992e3fe6425bfd42d"]
Serie: Black Clover Characters: Charlotte Roselei (1-2), Yami Sukehiro (3) Details: Charlotte is at a hot water source (Black Clover episode 72) with Yami. I would like a position similar to that of image 4. Two are naked. The lower part of both bodies is in water but we see Charlotte's vagina and Yami's dick. Thanks [img id="a34644f823e417000ac03671610986a5"] [img id="92ddf53366bc3006315a3a68a3380422"] [img id="e96eec00c522823129d818571423b6bf"] [img id="83c97e19a22e5c2513b573f1bc5a0ea4"]
Serie: Black Clover Characters: Charlotte Roselei (1-2-3) / Yami Sukehiro (4) Détails: Two panels like the previous commissions. For the first panel, draw inspiration from the fifth image. Yami and Charlotte are naked. For the dialogue, Yami said: "Don't fight it ! Thorny Tsun Princess !" For the second panel, I was thinking of that position (image 6). Charlotte thinks: "Why did I ever fall for such a man as him!" If you can make some brambles with blue roses around them, that would be cool! (image 3). I can do 108 EV. Thanks! [img id="38112c48ef74972464e3d533f49f2fff"] [img id="92ddf53366bc3006315a3a68a3380422"] [img id="61446f313436ed8261df8d92c159bed3"] [img id="e96eec00c522823129d818571423b6bf"] [img id="fdadb7c135086da4f8471119d65d7073"] [img id="1e72d929c145322ac8f73fdcc4fd7f6e"]
Erza Scarlet in her Dragon Cry bunny outfit -> bunny-erza-from-dragon-cry- ( great job Artemisumi :-) She gets fucked anal by Zash Caine in the bar. Zash wears his standard outfit -> Image External Position like this + expression of Erza like in referenece. Image Her tits are popped out and she gets creampied with a lot of cum dripping out of her ass. Zash should grab Erzas ass really hard. Title: How Zash really got distracted
Lucy Heartfilia x Zash Caine 3 panels Lucy giving Zash a deepthroat like this Image , instead he will pulling her ponytails towards him as to his cock down her throat, her eyes will be rolling back into her head, She will have a visible throat bulge from his huge cock, lots of saliva dripping off her chin. She will be fully clothed. she will be fucked like this Image she will show a ahegao expression, She will have a visible stomach bulge, tits will be covered. she will be fucked like this Image , give her a heavy moaning/euphoric expression, make Zash's cock really thick Final details; Lucy will be wearing this outfit and heels (lucy-heartfilia-anal ). Zash has a rather large figure compared to lucy probably about the size difference as this Image , if you need to change his size to make it work then do so.
Lucy Heartfilia x Zash caine Image 2 panels. Here is the best size compari i could find Image , so if you could keep to that, would be great. -------FIRST-------- Zash fucks her like this Image with a few changes, Zash will be her, his cock will be really thick and be deeper in her pussy an will be cumming inside her, he will have evil/sinister expression Lucy will have her mouth open with her tongue out, eyes rolling back with tears she is being d so hard. one of her boobs will be showing. ------SECOND------ Zash will fuck her anal like this Image she will have an ahegao expression and one of her ponytails will be undone with zash pulling her head back with her loose hair. have them fuck on a bed and lucy will be grabbing the sheets whilst having an intense orgasm. ALL PANELS; She will be wearing this outfit and heels lucy-heartfilia-anal. and have her eyes glowing red like this Image in both panels and a version where they are not. NOTE: this commission has already been finalised, any added details will not be counted.
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