Botan from YuYu Hakusho riding a guy reverse cowgirl style on a massage air bed. She'd have a grin on her face and be covered in oil. References attached. [img id="c379dcde0f3ffdca68aa9700fb210b6f"] [img id="62777b1a04ca6bb00e7dd1f472f2a7c0"] [img id="64bb973a1fad2314e867fb44786bedab"]
Added: 2019-03-26 22:33:16
Title: Peeping John Fandom: F-Zero Character(s): John Tanaka and Kate Alen Panel(s): 4 Description: An four-panel commission of John Tanaka and Kate Alen from F-Zero. Panels 1-4 focus on Kate and John makes an appearance in Panel 4. She has no pubic hair and is completely naked. Her body is oiled and the color of the dildo is green. Panel 1: Masturbation/sex toy use. Just like Photo 1, but with Kate rubbing her breast. Panel 2: Masturbation/sex toy use. Just like Photo 2. Panel 3: Masturbation/sex toy use. Just like Photo 3. Panel 4: Masturbation with squirting/Voyeurism. Just like Photo 4. John is watching her while he is stroking his cock to this scene. [img id="35d41c0dca3aba7cc581a995d1264d22"] [img id="6a2c9de19d2837dacb633bb030056f9b"] [img id="8bbf5b0f80b50e15de17fd995805297c"] [img id="5f0649fc22ecd32aa287282268e07031"]
Added: 2019-05-06 21:19:08
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2 panels botan from yu yu hakusho getting fucked by futa juri. First panel juri is fucking botan in this position External but instead of fucking on a sofa, they are fucking on a wooden chair so botan’s legs drop all the way down. Also instead of bondage, juri is pulling botan’s arms behind. Botan is screaming with some tears in her eyes, juri with a expression. Cum in pussy. Second panel juri is fucking botan in this position External this time juri is urinating inside botan’s pussy. Botan with a surprised expression, juri with an ahego expression. Both characters are fully naked.
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