Ok, let's get the ball rolling again since a lot of you kinda dug humanised celestia. Also if artists would like to message me and give me ideas or themes they like to do, for 50 votes the least I can do is make ideas you guys like or something similar to. So we're both happy. But no guarantees ;) External This time I'd like humanised celestia being anal fucked but the pov is us seeing her from behind, breasts pushed against the floor looking back at us, the full view of her ass being pounded by a floating cock (so the main focus on celestia) if a artist wants to draw the guy a bit more it's up to them but not necessary. Winning artist will get to choose a video game series for my next idea :D
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See The Rainbow... Taste The Rainbow: While Johnny looks after Dennis, Mavis Dracula helps her dad welcome new guests to the hotel; Mavis spitroasted by Rainbow Mika (Street Fighter) and humanoid Rainbow Dash (MLP: Friendship Is Magic) like this - Image ; 2nd panel - Mavis with a big smile on her face being bukkaked on her chest and tongue
Added: 2015-10-27 06:26:44
A humanised form of princess celestia (mlp) in a classic blowbang. Cum over hair, face,breasts.
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