At your service
2018-02-18 05:19:52
Lucy : External External External Erza : External and Juvia : External Standing next to each other, facing and looking at the viewer, with this red glow in their eyes : External And here's for their expressions : Juvia : External Erza : External Lucy : External And all 3 of them having a bit larger breasts than they already have. x3
Natsus new techniques
2018-02-05 14:20:29
Lucy : External with her top open like this : Image With larger breasts, like you did here : natsus-adventures She is giving a titjob in this position and view, BUT she is holding her breasts with her hands : Image A pendulum (like this : Image ) is swinging in front of her. She has this expression : External and this kind of eyes, same pink color, with the heart symbols and all that : External
Hypnotic games with Erza
2018-02-20 20:10:45
Erza, in this outfit : External Image just without the shoes, and with a little larger breasts. She is masturbating in that position : External with her free hand, she is lifting the part that is covering her crotch, she doesn't wear panties. She has this expression : External and these pink/purple spirals in her eyes : External And finally, she has this paper talisman on her forehand, with the same japanese "symbols" written on it (or just write "slave" on it if it's too much trouble) : External
Hypnotized Nami
2018-03-10 02:09:15
So i am looking for a picture of Nami from One Piece. Looking like this: Image This would not include the Espeon ofcourse as that is not allowed, however, she should be hypnotised with the same kind of expression and ripped out of her shirt because her boobs suddently grew this big. For the clothes she ripped through, she "was" wearing this outfit: External For the background, it is not required, but if you do feel like creating one, i was thinking maybe just a forest.
Yuno Gasai hypnotized foot lick
2018-02-26 22:35:12
Small one, Yuno Gasai licking rando feet, black nails with an anklet kinda like this Image while having a necklace and leash and hypno eyes. Image