This is my first time here, so I don't know how much is the standard amount for something like this. This would be a SFW (non-porn) commission comic that features two characters : Josie Rizal and Jinpachi Mishima, both from Tekken (the characters and the clothes they should were are attached as reference files). The theme is mind-control, so beware if you don't like that. Basically, there would be a few pages with several panels each, so if more money is required, I don't mind too much (right now, I've only bought 250 EV, but as soon as I've got access to some more, I can raise it to 500). The first panels, which take place in a business office, feature Jinpachi trying to convince Josie to "get rid of" a rival. Josie refuses, saying he didn't give enough money. She leaves his office, and Jinpachi crosses his hand, thinking he'll have to deal with her. The next panels have Josie finding a box on the desk in her room, containing a ring ; this ring just looks like a normal golden ring with symbols, sort of like LOTR's One Ring (reference in attachments). She picks it up and faintly hears Jinpachi's voice in her head (so, whereas the normal text bubbles would be white with black text, these would be black with red text). She hesitates putting it down but decides there's no harm in trying it. So she wears it, and immediately is overwhelmed by his voice (with a background containing text like in the "bakground.png" reference image, with words like "obey", "listen" and "be reasonable") as the ring's symbols lights up in red. She closes her eyes, attempting to resist, but soon opens them and relaxes (the pose she should have here is referenced in the attachments), smiling, drooling and saying "You know... actually, Jinpachi is a very reasonable man... I should listen to him from now on..."), with glowing red irises (her sclera should still be white, just her irises and pupils should be red and glowing - like in the "glowing.jpg" image). The comic's last panel is Josie, on one knee, smiling and looking with adoration at Jinpachi and saying "I'm sorry, sir. You were right. I'll listen from now on." as he holds her chin up. For these last panels, her eyes and the ring should still be glowing red. Again, I don't know how customary it is to ask for comic commissions here, especially SFW ones, and how much they're supposed to cost, so if I did something wrong, don't hesitate to tell me ! Thanks.[img id="b465a8e0d8bc864915eefcbd1c9cb323"][img id="ca99238c2b10ca2927f2df9eab2667d3"][img id="e40dbb495d40041acc0341f22ba78258"][img id="6d851ffcf5ce88cfaa94563c9e9d16bf"][img id="fcf97f145487f5d59fe838b55e7ffc48"][img id="1fcd51fe2989f18401d420be43485139"]
Added: 2018-06-11 13:27:26
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