Okay, so this is the commission post to submit your Boku no Hero girls for the collaboration with Kojack! Remember it’s 100 votes per girl and you pick the pose and outfit! Add your ideas (girl, pose, costume) below! For my girl, I’m gonna choose Pixie-Bob wearing this swimsuit (Image ) and her hero headgear being fucked and creampied in this position (Image )!
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- Continuation of my last commission: - Action: All three lick Boruto's penis. Hinata licks the tip of the penis, Hanabi licks the side of the penis and Himawari licks Boruto's testicles. All three are lying on the floor (in different positions, but all three are showing their pussies in Boruto) and Hinata is beckoning Boruto to come and take them. Boruto takes Hanabi first (position: Hanabi is in doggy position, Hinata gives Boruto the breast and at the same time, Himawari sucks the other breast of her mother, while she puts a finger in her mother's pussy). Then, he takes Hinata (position: Hinata is lying on the floor and Boruto spreads her mother's legs to take it in her pussy. Hanabi is standing and she spreads her pussy so that Himawari, who is on his knees, then swallow the sperm that comes out of her pussy). and finally, he takes Himawari (position: Himawari is in doggy position and she licks her mother's pussy, while Boruto takes her sister in her pussy. Hanabi washes her pussy with the showerhead). After ejaculating in the pussy of all the girls, Boruto is happy while looking at his mother, aunt and sister. Hanabi wipes her pussy with the bath towel, Hinata washes her pussy with the shower head, and Himawari spreads her pussy to bring out the cum that is in her pussy. Hinata asks Boruto to use the "sexy no jutsu". Boruto is surprised by this request, but it transforms like a woman. Hanabi wipes the pussy of Hinata and Hinata who washes Himawari's pussy with the showerhead. And all three are watching Boruto, who is in a female version, again with "The Byakugan" and Boruto wonders again what will happen to him. - Thank you
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Ino is riding naruto cowgirl style while he's sucking on her tits. Ino's biting her lip trying not to scream or moan and she has eyes closed in pleasure. Here's the reference: Image Appearances: As they look in boruto and both are naked PS: Make it look like it's in naruto's office
Added: 2018-04-12 07:12:01
Pure Love Birthday Anyways Sasuke(Adult Boruto Sasuke) is kissing heavily on Sakura(Adult Boruto Sakura) while fucking her heavily and passionately, Sweaty fuck sideways fuck yet their sitting down that emphasizes the love they have and none of the naruto uzumaku self insert harems is gonna change that, please make the back ground beutiful like somewhere in the top of the village for romantic sex date, make sakura tsunade shaped( Neckid except her Wearing her sleeveless shirt with her big breasts exposed and high heels) and sasuke not raikage muscular but lean and ripped). You can choose the positions. But it's kinda based on this picture below. Sasuke also has Naruto hokage hat on. Since in my headcannon he's killed Naruto and taken over the village with boruto now his offical adopated son, why he killed Naruto? No one knows. He has a a arm but it's made of a spirtual susanoo materialized fleshed. I hope you can do till the 23rd too. Thats Sasuke's birthday and I'd like it due to then to celebrate on here. [img id="1609b610301ae4d602f7b3ee12258f78"]
Added: 2018-07-24 02:39:40
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Ochako Uraraka from Boku No Hero Academia and OC having sex in the position provided. Expressions for both of them should be tired since they both climaxed at least once and some dialogue between them included to further show this. Ochako: "Got enough for another round?" OC: "If you're up for it." OC with Ochako references provided to winning bidder. [img id="272750f5d4c917d7a51ba0a0095d5128"]
Added: 2018-10-24 10:43:43
Bra (from Dragon Ball Multiverse) in a school uniform ridding a guy. Her hair is down like in her Cold/Ginyu fight and she's enjoying the ride. Her shirt and blazer and unbuttoned showing her naked chest. She holding the guys arm over top her breast and her other hand holding her skirt up. As for her bust size keeping it as close to the comic as possible would be fine. As for the location it would be in the room Goku Instant Transmissioned into in Super. Bra's Hair- Image Bra's Uniform- Image Location- Image
Added: 2018-09-16 12:15:26
lucy and natsu, reverse cowgirl standing, outfits from the new season poster [img id="b996b3cd1e1ea66a461104be16ee2e65"] [img id="e873230fc199ba76ecc78d1f8c71da5d"]
Added: 2018-10-19 11:34:27
A POV of fuuka yamagishi in the cowgirl position wearing her dance with her skirt off and hood up and she has an expressionless shocked face [img id="e4fd667190d2d1fbb8f3c33109a244c6"]
Added: 2018-10-03 20:39:07
Kaori Miyazono (from Your Lie In April), wearing just her unbuttoned shirt, as she rides an anon male in the cowgirl position. I'd like for her to be fully enjoying herself and riding with enthusiasm.
Added: 2018-08-21 00:41:13
Serie: Grand Blue Characters: Nanaka Kotegawa (image 1) Détails: You can be inspired by the third image for the position. Nanaka wears her swimsuit (image 2) but she's partially stripped. I can do 75 EV. Thanks [img id="d98bfa2284552889ba2f45b0f897a889"] [img id="fe3a128ab996e8cdc9160e70897c4ec3"] [img id="99e722eb68df79cd18eb8f8c68398e83"]
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