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Trunks and Gotens Shower Adventures
Sexy Beach
Character: Bulma (Dragon Ball); Chi-chi (Dragon Ball); Lucy Heartfilia (Fairy Tail); Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail); Sakura Haruno (Naruto); Hinata Hyuga (Naruto); Nami (One Piece); Nico Robin (One Piece); Leafa (Sword Art Online); Asuna (Sword Art Online II) Location: Beach? Swimming pool ? The choice of the artist. Only requirement: All characters with large breasts. erect nipples and cameltoe. Only thong swimsuit. Type of swimsuits: one piece; two piece; micro bikini; sling bikini; topless (minimum one of each, thank you) thank you very much
Playboy BunnyCat Girl Blowbang Collaboration
Playboy Bunny/Cat Girl Blowbang Collaboration - Similar to my other ideas, Users cast 50 votes (Anything less will not get your character done and be a tip to the artist) to have their choice of girl and outfit they wish. Artist will choose the sex acts, hopefully the numbers will lead to group/pair up scenes ^^ Great response before, love for it again.
Erza Scarlet X Future Trunks
Erza Scarlet X Future Trunks -> 4 scenes: - 1. secene): Trunks stands behind Erza gropes her big breasts, while she grabs his head and they tongue kiss each other -> similiar like this -> ( Image ) -> but they are standing. - 2. scene) A deepthroat similiar like this -> Image -> but with her eyes wide open, a big bulge on her throat and cum shooting out of her nose. Please with Trunks' face visible. - 3. scene) A footjob similar like this -> Image -> with Trunks cumming a lot over her. Please with Trunks' face visible. - 4. scene) Trunks fucking Erza anal -> position is completly up to you, but her feet / soles shall be visible. Trunks cumming a lot inside her with cum overflowing and she is strong squirting with ahegao expression -> let somwehow involve Trunks' sword. Trunks appearance and outfit in all scenes + his sword ( Image ) and give him a really huge cock. In the fourth scene he is in his super saiyan form with the yellow / golden aura ( Image ). Erza in this outfit ( Image ). She has pierced nipples and red colored toe and finger nails ( color like her hair ) -> if her pussy is visible in the fourth scene please give her public hair in shape of an "T" -> but only if your choice of position allows it. All the other scenes you can of course give them your own touch, if you like to change something or add some extras.
Xmas Anal Collaboration
Xmas Anal Collaboration - Kinda like my previous collaborations, but for 50 votes per user they can choose any girl and xmas outfit (WARNING: Anything less than 50 votes wont be considered and be classed as a tip to the chosen artist) to make this appealing to the artist they will choose the anal scene and the mystique to us of what they do. Miss X, Tiger Mask W -External wearing this.
Triple fun
Erza Scarlet, Seilah of Tartaros and Kyouka of Tartaros - all three as futanaris with dicks and pussy -> no balls ( make their dicks nice big ). In a similar position like this -> Image . Erza on bottom, Seilah fucks Erzas pussy / Kyouka fucks Erzas ass -> Seilah and Kyouka are cumming a lot inside Erza. Erza as "Demon Queen" -> New_Demon_Queen -> wearing her socks and the arm protection / her piercings only till her belly button and fucked silly with ahegao expression. Seilah wears only her high knee socks which reveal her heels and toes / Kyouka like this -> Image