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Wendy from fairy tail in a POV missionary position wearing these stockings Image and wearing the two hair pieces and the skirt in this reference picture External but change the skirt so it's to small so you can se every think. She should be nice and wet with a very excited/horny expression. The 200 votes are for so there can be a small edit for the picture that will be drawn. A cumming inside version and one with no cum she should still be wet in both. If the artist does not want to do a edit version just message me before I choice someone I'm still not sure if I myself want a edit version.
Playboy Bunny/Cat Girl Blowbang Collaboration - Similar to my other ideas, Users cast 50 votes (Anything less will not get your character done and be a tip to the artist) to have their choice of girl and outfit they wish. Artist will choose the sex acts, hopefully the numbers will lead to group/pair up scenes ^^ Great response before, love for it again.
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Wendy Marvel in her dragon force mode -> with scales and new hair color and only wearing these ripped knee high socks ( Image ). She is pleasuring herself in any way and pose at youre choice -> in front of a sleeping Lucy. Please show her bare soles. As background Lucy's place ( External )