viewer fucks a selection of the Crystal Gems (video) -garnet -pearl -amethyst -peridot -rose quartz

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viewer fucks a selection of the Crystal Gems (video) -garnet -pearl -amethyst -peridot -rose quartz
Uploaded: 2016-05-24 17:48:57
Discussion: (5 comments)
  • 2016-05-24 22:40:30

    Parodot is a dude

  • 2016-05-25 00:22:12

    check the steven universe wiki to find that gems are genderless (not a he or she) but take on the form of females, Paridot has a female voice

  • 2016-05-28 11:22:52

    Gems at their org stat are gender less but they transform or like you said take on the form of females including their sexual parts.

  • 2016-06-19 19:23:43

    loved dude

  • 2016-07-25 20:28:45

    are you doing more of this pedroillusions?:)

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