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Discussion: (13 comments)
  • 2016-02-01 21:21:44

    Hey, I hope you like it! (Sorry for the background, I couldn't find a decent one.. and also, I hope you don't mind that Gildarts' face isn't visible, if you want I can add it to another panel or something.)

  • 2016-02-01 22:58:33

    Dat gildarts beer belly tho

  • 2016-02-02 00:03:19

    Haha I guess Laki compensates perfectly the absence of Gildarts face, and I'm sure the public enjoy it anyway. Is hilarous see Happy in the background looking for missions xD

  • 2016-02-02 05:29:37

    Thats his chest, actually :]

  • 2016-02-02 05:33:07

    Hehe, yeah, I was debating cutting him off, but it seemed funny to leave him there. :

  • 2016-02-02 05:51:30

    nice work, well done!

  • 2016-02-02 07:06:28

    AYE SIR :3

  • 2016-02-02 11:22:33

    Interesting that you chosen Laki for this particular hentai scene. It's rare to see her in any FT hentai. Nice job. :)

  • 2016-02-02 15:41:04

    Credit goes to crispystrip ;)

  • 2016-02-02 23:51:34

    Laki and Gildarts did briefly team up. She even said if he tried anything Cana would be told. XD.

  • 2016-02-03 07:27:36

    Judging by this pic, it doesn't seem like that she's in such a hurry to tell Cana.xD

  • 2016-08-30 22:06:49


  • 2017-11-28 14:32:01

    So good to see someone other than lucy.

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