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  • 2015-06-26 21:33:35

    Interesting idea.

  • 2015-06-26 22:08:20

    no, more like horrible idea. so many cross overs it makes a persons eyes spin. great art though. but idea was horrible

  • 2015-06-26 22:16:57

    Excellent work, EdJim! I love it when a team cums together ;)

  • 2015-06-26 23:05:06

    Thank you! Happy you liked it!

  • 2015-06-27 10:01:57

    not a bad idea

  • 2015-06-27 22:37:00

    More like AMAZING idea. This is the type of art I'd like to see more of on W Hentai. A lot of unique characters from multiple genres in different poses and even when you use a common character like Storm she's used in an uncommon way with her unique look. Kudos Perverseknight. Another grand machination ;).

  • 2015-06-28 15:39:51

    this is funny

  • 2015-06-28 18:18:55

    Saved, laughed, fapcaved

  • 2015-06-28 21:10:49

    nice hair style XD

  • 2015-06-29 04:47:15

    The part with Storm is awesome, the guys on the left i'd dont know, and the part with Sheeva is questionable - she has four hands and not using any of them to play with herself?

  • 2015-07-03 05:46:14

    A great request

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