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  • 2015-06-05 02:24:54

    i wish people would use good ideas for these great artists.. i mean zelda. geeze. i'm liking only cause i like Jims work. the idea stunk

  • 2015-06-05 02:52:44

    Oh, well thank you! I just opened a new poll, you should try luck! Opened for commissions: [email protected]

  • 2015-06-05 04:18:44

    This orcs gangbang is hot. Your Zelda look nice :)

  • 2015-06-05 05:22:39

    Awesome work.

  • 2015-06-05 08:36:06

    Wasnt any kind of monsters now forbidden? Or mby this idea and poll was posted b4 that happend

  • 2015-06-05 08:48:52

    Would orcs be considered monsters though? They are more of a specific species. You wouldn't call elves or dwarfs monsters would you?

  • 2015-06-05 11:23:19

    "No Zombies/Undead, only human beings No monsters/tentacles" It specifically says only human beings so, and the difference between an elf/human is like night and day compared to human/orc

  • 2015-06-05 11:28:00

    v_v Orcs are monsters.

  • 2015-06-05 11:46:55

    This is what happens when you've been cooked up in the palace too long ;) Awesome work, EdJim!

  • 2015-06-05 13:33:35

    There is a gang of strange green-skinned men displayed. Do they look like humanoids? - yes! Do they have tentacles? - no. At this point of view there are no monsters on the pic.

  • 2015-06-05 13:46:22

    Elves, they are all sluts

  • 2015-06-05 17:14:21

    Well, you can't make a fantasy hentai w/o at least one elf getting fucked :P

  • 2015-06-05 23:12:31

    Thank you guys, i appreciate the support! :D

  • 2015-06-06 21:05:32

    Edjim im very pleased you keep outdoing yourself each time. You made my idea come to life in bustyness perfection ! Truly outstanding you made zelda look stunning here in every panel is faultless. Thank you everbody who supported my idea.

  • 2015-06-06 23:05:35

    Thank you, i'm glad you liked it!

  • 2015-06-08 09:07:32

    orcs and elves, a classic

  • 2015-06-08 12:36:29


  • 2015-06-09 06:19:57

    a total slut

  • 2016-07-03 15:57:23

    nice picture

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