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A 4-panelled picture of Anesthesia (Rumble Roses) giving Helen Parr (Incredibles) a footjob under her thong. Characters and outfits Anesthesia in her original outfit (note: shoes/heels should not be included): Image Helen Parr in her outfit as Mrs. Incredible (note: the soles of her boots should be flat instead of having heels): External Panel 1: Anesthesia is hanging on a horizontal pole attached to the ceiling. She swings towards Helen with her legs spread. Anesthesia catches Helen by surprise and locks her leg around her neck. Panel 2: Anesthesia is headscissoring Helen with her legs while hanging from a pole. Scene should look like this: Image but with some alterations: Anesthesia has one leg locked around Helen’s neck and has the foot of her other leg inserted under Helen’s thong. Anesthesia is giving Helen a footjob and she gets a boner. Helen’s dick should be under her bodysuit and covered by her thong. Anesthesia has this expression: Image while Helen has this expression: External both characters’ full figures are shown from head to foot. Panel 3: Anesthesia’s footjob makes Helen’s dick cum under her thong. Her thong and some of the area around it becomes completely wet and some semen is flowing out her thong. Anesthesia has this expression: Image Panel 4: Anesthesia lets loose of Helen. Helen collapses on her knees. Panel 5: Helen sits defeated on her knees. Anesthesia wipes her foot, which is soaked by Helen’s semen, clean on Helen’s back. Anesthesia has this expression: Image