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Snowy ScoobyDoo Girls
- Anime: Scooby-Doo - Characters: Daphne Blake, Velma Dinkley - Clothing: Daphne Blake (purple thong one-piece swimsuit), Velma Dinkley (orange thong bikini), both wear santa boots, santa gloves, santa hat, purple and white for Daphne and orange and white for Velma . - Location: At the choice of the artist. - Tits: Daphne Blake (big tits), Velma Dinkley (huge tits) - Action: Daphne and Velma make a snowman. The girls laugh because they used a dildo to make the nose of the snowman. - Thank you.
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Daphne bondage
Daphne Blake from Scooby Doo barefoot bound and gagged wearing revealing bondage gear in sex dungeon nervously awaiting her captor.