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Title: "Sekirei: Kazehana and Minato makes love 2." Characters: Minato Sahashi and Kazehana. Location: Minato's bedroom inside of Maison Izumo. Plot: Minato Sahashi continues to have sex with Kazehana after receiving Miya and Takehito's blessing. Just like before, this action takes place after the final chapter of the story. This time, they doing it in the doggystyle position almost exactly like this Image . Make sure Minato's face looked sweet and innocent just like he is in canon. Be sure Kazehana look real happy with a slutty/lustful look on her face during sex because she's been waiting for this for a long time. Make sure Minato's penis is inside of her. Be sure Kazehana's tits are revealed. Both characters are completely naked. No undies, no socks, no stockings, no lingeres, none of them. Both of them are blushing, enjoying, and loving it. However, Kazehana's loving it the most due to her sexual nature.
Title - Ochaco / Shoto 2 CHARACTERS Ochako Uraraka Shoto Todoroki Doggystyle Details and references PM'd
Lyn and Micaiah from Fire Emblem holding hands as they both get thrust into by Mark (Fire Emblem 7s tactician whos thrusting into Lyn) and Sothe who is banging Micaiah both boys are groping and fondling the girls as well