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EdJim created this artwork
Uploaded: 2018-07-24 02:31:40
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Pure Love Birthday Anyways Sasuke(Adult Boruto Sasuke) is kissing heavily on Sakura(Adult Boruto Sakura) while fucking her heavily and passionately, Sweaty fuck sideways fuck yet their sitting down that emphasizes the love they have and none of the naruto uzumaku self insert harems is gonna change that, please make the back ground beutiful like somewhere in the top of the village for romantic sex date, make sakura tsunade shaped( Nec except her Wearing her sleeveless shirt with her big breasts exposed and high heels) and sasuke not raikage muscular but lean and ripped). You can choose the positions. But it's kinda based on this picture below. Sasuke also has Naruto hokage hat on. Since in my headcannon he's ed Naruto and taken over the village with boruto now his offical adopated , why he ed Naruto? No one knows. He has a a arm but it's made of a spirtual susanoo materialized fleshed. I hope you can do till the 23rd too. Thats Sasuke's birthday and I'd like it due to then to celebrate on here. [img id="1609b610301ae4d602f7b3ee12258f78"]
Naruto Uzumaki wearing nothing but a shirt that says mamas boy while sitting on Kushina Uzumaki's lap with her big breast pressed up against his back (Kushina is naked) while she s him to wave goodbye to Hinata who is clinging to Sasuke while wearing a revealing black dress while smiling at Naruto.
Kushina Uzumaki fully taking Naruto back to the academy while leaning in and kissing his cheek while she is wearing a very sexy revealing outfit. In the background you can see Sasuke with Sakura and Hinata pressing their large breast up against him while Naruto looks back at them with a shocked humiliated face.
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