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Tamamo Creampie
Tamamo ( from Monster Girl Quest ) like this Image only draw the guy/cock at the bottom of the pic, have the cum around her chest and belly, looks like a bit on her head, as well as creampie. don't give her the heart shaped eyes, just her normal fox girl eyes. and ofc her tails "maybe not all nine, up to you how to do the tails" and here is a example of how Tamamo looks in her sealed form. Image be sure to not forget her tribal tattoo's, and red accessory in her hair.
Fairy Tail breast feeding time
Anime Fariy Tail: Lucy Heartfilia breast feeding Natsu while rubbing his small penis while Mirajane is leaning in towards him kissing his cheek. Also while this is going on Levy with big breast is standing off to side taking pictures of what's happening.
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Shy Sakura showing dem big boobs
Sakura Haruno with big breast wearing a sexy pink bra and panties with a somewhat embarrassed look on her face.
Mira naked big boobs
Mira (buzz lightyear of starcommand) phasing out of her space suite naked, big boobs
Granberia  Tamamo side by side taking a huge load of cum from a cock
Granberia & Tamamo side by side taking a huge load of cum from a cock, Tamamo will be in her True Form.
Gintama  Sakata Kintoki x Tama
Gintama - Sakata Kintoki x Tama
Touma Kamijou x Kaori Kanzaki
Touma Kamijou x Kaori Kanzaki: 2 panels, 1st. spoon position 2nd. pov titfuck/facial
Night On The Town
Night On The Town: Panel 1: Minerva Orland (Fairy Tail) standing front of a mirror wearing sexy bra and panties. Panel 2: Minerva still standing in front of a mirror wearing this (Image ). Panel 3: Minerva in a club with two guys rubbing themselves all over her. Panel 4: Minerva, back in front of the mirror, getting anal fucked by a random. Her dress is torn around her ass only.