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Characters: Erza Scarlet x Sting Eucliff Sting invited Erza to a date - but due to business in Sabertooth he is way too late and Erza is already gone to bed. Either way he sneaks late into her room and hopes that she is still awake. Well with that she wakes up - and even if she is angry at him he can apologize and make up with her. His apology is that good that she cannot be angry anymore and helps him let loose some stress. Outfit Erza: External Outfit Sting: External Erza gives him an awesome footjob - exact position is up to you but -> Sting should stand in front of her bed or on the side of her bed ( up to your position ) -> Erza should be on her back - with her top unbuttoned so her big tits are exposed -> she can play with her tits / lick her nipple or something like that -> give her pierced nipples and light blue colored toe and finger nails / let her expression be a little bit sleepy -> Sting cums with a really big load over her feet and even on her tits
Erza Scarlet Doggystyle. Just ensure all her curves in good view and she's enjoying it ^^
Erza scarlet fucked by a big black anon male, give him a really long and thick cock. --------FIRST PANEL-------- she is giving a deepthroat like this (Image ) Give her a huge throat bulge, eyes rolling back with pleasure. she is fully clothed, zoomed out full body ---------SECOND PANEL----------- she is fucked like this (Image ) she is taking the cock half way, Give her a heavy moaning expression, she has her tits out. --------THIRD PANEL------- (Image ) the male is balls deep in her ass, she has cum flowing out of her pussy, Big stomach bulge, she has a fucked silly expression. ALL PANELS; she will be wearing this outfit (Image ) give her high heels.
Futa Erza Scarlet with dog ears in a position and with a machine similar to this ( Image ) -> but let the cum from her cock flow into her mouth. Show her feet which have small vibrators on them. Also in the background a screen which shows: Orgasm Level: 100%